3 Useful Military Family Travel Tips

Sometimes, the families and loved ones of members of the armed forces need to travel to visit or provide assistance. Many agencies and services support and ease travel for family members. Here are three useful military family travel tips.

1. Look for Ways To Lower Costs

When the families of members of the armed forces travel, they have many opportunities for discounts and lower travel costs. The options available to you may vary depending on which branch your family member serves, how many people are traveling, and other factors. Look for travel credit cards, local deals, financial assistance organizations, and flight discounts. Cost reduction opportunities are excellent options for emergency or unexpected travel.

2. Follow Appropriate Best Practices

Check the best practices of the travel organization you’re using or the military branch you’re working with to arrange your trip. Some best practices are suggestions, while others are requirements. Make sure you follow them closely and ask questions if you need clarification. Best practices can include what assistance you’re entitled to, payment methods, and reservations.

3. Know What Services You Can Access

Military families may not be eligible for all the same services as their active duty or veteran family members. Make sure you’re aware of what services you and your other family members can access versus those available to service members. For example, most civilian adults can apply for TSA Pre-check for a fee, while members of the military and Department of Defense (DoD) civilians receive it for free and their children can accompany them.

If you need to travel to visit or assist a family member who serves in the armed forces, make sure you’re aware of your travel requirements. Each branch and organization may have different requirements.


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