336 Vacancies Open At NSSF

The National Social Security Fund has service delivery points spread across the country and is seeking to enhance capacity of its human resource to achieve its obligations of service delivery to all Kenyans.

The Fund seeks to recruit experienced and energetic Kenyans to fill these vacancies from the positions as outlined below:


336 Vacancies Open At NSSF 2

1. Office Assistants

Reporting to the Administration Officer, the candidate will be responsible for providing
High Quality Cleaning & Messengerial Services in The Fund.


  • Perform tasks of sweeping, dusting and vacuuming; Shampooing carpets;
  • Maintain safe custody of office keys during working hours;
  • Deliver files to designated offices;
  • Furnish staff with office supplies as instructed;
  • Ensure facilitation of opening and closing of offices; and
  • Deliver written and oral messages.

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2. Security Officers

Reporting to the Senior Security, the candidate will ensure Protection of NSSF property,
office premises, assets, both developed and undeveloped.

  • Liaise with Law Enforcement Agencies on cases affecting the organization;
  • Supervise and train contracted security guards on the Fund’s core security
  • Coordinate training of staff and other stakeholders on safety, health, security

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3. Fingerprint Assistant

Reporting to the Fingerprints Officer, the candidate the candidate will verify, confirm and
carry out identification of Fingerprints for benefits’ processing.


  • Identify and refer multiple claims to Benefits Records Unit for amalgamation;
  • Establish and refer cases of multiple registrations to the Transit & Allocation Unit for
    fund transfer to the effective member number or suppression of ineffective numbers;
  • Establish and refer Survivor benefit claims and invalid benefit claims to the Benefits
    Officer and the Benefits Authority respectively;
  • Establish and refer age/withdrawal/emigration benefit claims to the registration of
    employers/employees’ section for further processing; and
  • Establish and refer incomplete application claims to the field offices for completeness

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4. Fingerprints Officers

Reporting to the Senior Fingerprints Officer, the candidate will classify and fill fingerprint
records as per their patterns and formations.

  • Identify NSSF members for purposes of benefits processing;
  • Identify NSSF members for issuance of duplicate membership cards;
  • Amend member records;
  • Identify claimants using biometric system;
  • Carry out searches for members who have lost their membership numbers;
  • Search, extend, and give alternatives to fingerprint formulae;

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5. Records Officers

Reporting to the Senior Records Officer, the candidate will Participate in the preparation,
updating of file indices, conducting records surveys and appraisals.


  • Prepare and implement records retention and disposal schedules;
  • Implement procedures for classification, maintenance, protection and disposition;
  • Retrieve, amalgamate files, receipt files in the register and the system;
  • Capture the requests, complaints and complements in the records management
    system (TQM, register);

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6. Customer Experience Officer

Reporting to the Marketing/Member & Customer experience Officer he/she will be
responsible for handling and resolving customer complaints regarding Fund


  • Answer phone calls from customers and responding to customer inquiries and
  • Research on required information using available resources;
  • Provide customers with the service and product information;
  • Identify, escalating priority issues and reporting to the high-level management;
  • Route inbound calls appropriately.

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7. Drivers

Reporting to the Administration Officer, the candidate will be responsible for driving and
maintaining Fund vehicles.


  • Drive Fund vehicles;
  • Load, unload, and perform necessary handling operations in connection with materials
    being transported;
  • Verify descriptions and quantities of all items picked up or delivered;
  • Maintain motor vehicles and related equipment by identifying, scheduling and/or
    reporting necessary repairs

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8. Management Trainees

The trainees will join a diverse team of professionals in delivering high quality service to
customers. Initially successful candidates will undergo a six (6) months intensive training
in all departments in the organization. This involves inter-departmental rotation in order
to develop familiarity with the organization and its functions. At the end of this period, the
trainees will be evaluated for permanent employment within the organization.

  • Undertake inspection of employer records to ensure that the provisions of the
    NSSF ACT are complied with;
  • Facilitate registration of new employers, employees and voluntary contributors in
    collaboration with the Registration Officer;
  • Update and maintain zonal records including employers lists contribution registers,
    defaulters list, penalty and bounced cheques;
  • Monitor and following up on employer compliance;

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9. Office Administrators

Reporting to the General Manager/Manager/Section Head/Regional Manager the
candidate will be responsible for performing all the general administrative and front office


  • Prepare and process documents;
  • Compose correspondences for the respective Officer’s signature;
  • Format, proofread and assemble correspondence reports;
  • Arrange for photocopies and telephone ‘callbacks’ where necessary;

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10. Accountants

Reporting to the Finance Manager in the headquarters and Branch Manager in the
Branch, the candidate will be responsible for the management of Finances in the
headquarters/Branch Office.


  • Sort all authorized payments for different payment modes (cash or cheques, RTGS);
  • Post cash payments in cash journals and print receipts;
  • Post cheque payments, print the cheques, stamp the documents, record in movement
    register and circulate for signatures;
  • Detach cheques, records them in their respective dispatch registers, and tag all
    payments with batch details;

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11. Senior Assistant Accounts Officers

Reporting to the Accountant , the candidate will be responsible for sorting all authorized
payments for different payment modes (cash, cheques or RTGS).

  • Post cash and cheque payments in respective journals and print receipts;
  • Detach cheques, recording them in their respective dispatch registers, and tagging all
    payments with batch details;
  • Reconcile/ balance daily cash journal for preparation of float reimbursement;
  • Dispatch cheques; to the vendors and disbursing cash payments;
  • Receive, confirm and receipt payments from employers through various modes of

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12. Administration Officer

Reporting to the Senior Administration Officer, the candidate will assist in management
of transport and office services.

  • Liaise with the Senior Administration officer to ensure the renewal of applicable
    licenses for Fund’s fleet of motor vehicles.
  • Liaise with the Senior Administration officer to ensure that repairs and maintenance
    are done and the services paid for have been delivered.
  • Liaise with the Senior Administration officer to ensure that all Fund vehicles are
    insured at all times.

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13. Ethics & Integrity Officer – MG8

Reporting to Senior Ethics and Integrity Officer, the candidate will Conduct corruption risk
assessments and prepare corruption mitigation plans.


  • Carry out staff sensitization on corruption prevention;
  • Monitor compliance with ethics and integrity requirements in the Fund;
  • Participate in the development and review of ethics and integrity policies, strategies,
    processes and work procedures and plans;
  • Participate in corruption prevention committees (CPCs); and
  • Participate in corruption perception surveys.

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14. Regional Managers

Reporting to the Manager, Registration & Compliance he/she will be the overall overseer
and coordinator of the Branch network within a particular Region. The job holder will
oversee the work of Branch Managers in the region to ensure compliance.


  • Oversee branch compliance activities; monitors and evaluates branch performance;
  • Ensure follow-up on customer enquiries and complaints;
  • Oversee preparation of periodic departmental and field operation reports as well as
    inter departmental and external correspondences
  • Schedule and attend compliance visits to branch within the Region’s jurisdiction;
  • Plan, organize and implement Regional meetings for performance review, marketing,
    employers, relationship management, and staff meeting;
  • Set and cascade performance targets to the Branches to enable the Fund meet her
    corporate strategic objectives;

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15. Assistant Managers

Assistant Manager vacancies are available in several positions

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16. Branch Managers

Reporting to the Regional Manager, he/she will be responsible for coordinating the overall
Branch operations and ensures achievement of organizational strategic objectives at the

  • Oversee enforcement of the NSSF Act No.45 of 2013 Laws of Kenya;
  • Plan, develop and implement work schedules and targets by staff at the Branch;
  • Develop and implement registration and collection plans according to zonal
    management principles that ensure the development of zonal plans;

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17. Senior Principal Officers

Senior Principal vacancies are available in several positions

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18. Principal Officers

Principal Officer vacancies are available in several positions

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lead to automatic disqualification. Candidates are advised that the Fund does not
have any agents and will undertake this recruitment without charging any fees


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