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The long-awaited BBNaija Level Up Reunion has begun.

The show is interested in issues of revelations, fights, and drama.

In the show, former roommates are expected to reunite, mend relationships, face the past and resolve conflicts.

The 2022 season of the reality show “Level Up” brings fierce competition between roommates who are divided into two different colleges, first and second.

The sixth edition of the reality show’s roommates, in no particular order: Amaka, Beauty, Bryann, Christian, Cyph, Daniella, and Groovy.

Others include Ilebaye, Kess, Khalid, Pharmsavi, Phyna, Adekunle Allysyn, Bella, Chichi, Chomzy, Diana, Dotun, Doyin, Eloswag, Giddyfia, Hermes and Sheggz.

Phyna was crowned champion of the edition and went home with a grand prize of 100 million naira.

The ongoing BBNaija Reunion show aims to keep viewers updated on the reality TV star.

Ngnews247 brings you five topics of this year’s reunion show:

love triangle

One of the highlights of upgrade season is the love network in the house. With the introduction of layers and different houses, the roommates have a love affair with the house opposite.

This leads to a rift between roommates who cannot properly form a relationship with another roommate they like because they are told to keep certain secrets from other level roommates because of competition and possibly misunderstanding from teammates.

This problem affects 1st level roommate Doyin who likes Cyph (2nd level roommate) and Phyna who fell in love with Eloswag in the first week, but he likes Chomzy who is his same level and they see each other every day.

Before Groovy and Phyna, there was the Groovy and Beauty ship.

Amaka also likes Groovy, and Groovy admits he liked Chomzy at one point.

unresolved conflict

Viewers of the show will find out if roommates have tried to resolve past conflicts. The promotion season was full of confrontation, leading to Belle’s disqualification.

This reunion could be a catalyst for closure and new tension between roommates, as issues that escalate and cause tension in the house can be resolved.

There may also be new perspectives on the events that take place, as it is believed that viewers will not see what is happening in the house.

For example, there are different story angles behind the battles between Amaka and Phyna, Groovy and Beauty, Adekunle, Sheggz and Bella.

bad relationship and revelation

Some of the relationships that formed in the house appear to have died down as some roommates have been hurling insults at each other on social media over the past month. Those who had been best friends either shielded each other or threatened to reveal their secrets.

Kiki also seems to be the villain of the season. The stripper appears to be up against Chomzi, Fina, Rachel and her ex-lover Dej.

The relationship between Phyna and Groovy may also hit the rocks, as the two finalists don’t speak to each other. Viewers will now learn about unexpected secrets and behind-the-scenes stories that roommates may be hiding during and after the show.

These disclosures are likely to create controversy among roommates, as those affected try to protect their brands.

Career and Personal Growth

The 27 roommates will reflect on the personal and professional goals they set for themselves at the start of the show. They will reveal how the show influenced and shaped their lives.

Some may discuss their challenges, successes, and journeys since leaving the show. They will also disclose how their careers, relationships, or personal development have been affected in the past year.

The offensive nature of the BBN Reunion show

Former housemates see reunion shows as a way to often tear each other apart, and often overlook the point of educating Nigerians about what they can achieve once they leave the house.

Like how viewers witnessed first-hand on Thursday night how Fina said bad things about Kiki about her, her late parents, and her dead children. It’s usually about shaming and abusing everyone’s body on national television.

From the behavior of former roommates on reality TV, one might wonder what it takes to be on a reality show.

Also, most ex-roommates who adopt many stories in order to go far and even win the show are usually exposed on reunion shows, since reunions are notorious for revealing hidden agendas.

Some will use the reunion to settle accounts, while others will try to correct the audience’s impression.

Speaking to Ngnews247 about the BBN Reunion show, Lagos-based social analyst Miss Amaka Ezeigwe said that while most of the show’s viewers might not want to watch a bland show that lacks drama and fighting elements, there is still a need to draw a line .

According to her, “Just like what you see in the show, these people from different cultures, communities and family backgrounds come together to live under one roof. You don’t expect them to behave the same way.

“Even within the same family, there will be quarrels. What matters now is – what do the organizers show the public? They can decide what should be broadcast and what should not enter the public domain.

“Also, the participants themselves should learn how to draw the line. They should realize that one cannot say something just because you want to prove a point and then you regret it.

“I can’t control what they say or do, but I can only advise them to promote peace and resolve differences because we all need each other.”

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