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Getting the best in your marriage can become a nightmare when you are ignorant of some key things in the life of the person you are about to start the forever journey with (Your intended spouse).

Despite the fact that you can’t know all about your fiancé/fiancée, there are some basic pieces of information you must have concerning that man or
woman you desire to spend the rest of your life with and they include:

· Family Background: it is important to know some important things about the family of your intended spouse. You must find out about their origin, values, beliefs, culture and so on.

· Full name: part of what makes you a serious partner is not just knowing the first name and surname of your fiancé/fiancée alone but also other names and if possible, their meanings.

· Likes and Dislikes: it is of great importance for you to know what your intended spouse likes and what he or she dislikes, this will help the both of you to avoid fighting unnecessarily over irrelevant matters.

· Food preference: this is not only for the lady to know but also the guy should know what kind of food his fiancée prefers and some foods that such a person will never eat.

· Sizes: you should know the sizes of your fiancé/fiancée like shoe size, cloth size, wristwatch and so many others.

· Choice places: you must know the kind of places your intended spouse prefer to relax or visit because what appeals to you may not appeal to him or her.

· What gets rid of the bad mood: everybody has a time they are not just in the right mood and there are also things that can be a quick solution to this. However, only the person with the mood can tell this.

So, ask your intended partner this question: What gets you out of a bad mood? What can I do to make you happy when your mood is not right?

Your marriage will become an easy and smoother journey when you know your intended spouse well. Go ahead and find out the needful.

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