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Silence is an evidence that your marriage is heading for the rocks soon and this needs to be dealt with in time before it gets out of hand or beyond your control.

Silence denies you and your spouse the opportunity to an intimate relationship and even grow and improve as it creates a gap between you both.

The silence between you and your spouse may be caused by the most unimaginable things that you may not be paying attention to.

Get rid of that silence in your marriage by doing the following:

1. Ask Questions: everything happening in life and in marriage has a cause whether you know it or not. So, ask your spouse what is wrong, don’t be proud or try to wait for him/her to make the move. You start a conversation and you may be surprised at what you will find out.

2. Create jokes: your marriage shouldn’t be too stiff, make jokes, make the house lively, laugh together, and you will see that the silence trying to come between you both leaving through the window.

Stress, pressure may be the cause of the silence so when you both find a reason to get rid of the stress and pressure by laughing, your home comes alive again.

3. Let him drag your zip for you: you as a woman must not be dragging your zip up and down yourself when your husband is around. Why don’t you intentionally ask for this help next time and make sure you are wearing a nice perfume when doing so.

4. Ask her to help with your tie: if you have noticed the silence coming from your wife, ask her for help when knotting your tie or doing any other thing trying to dress up. She may be reluctant but you must make sure you are also persistent.

5. Talk: there is no other best way to get rid of silence in your home than to talk, continue to talk, don’t stop communicating even when it is a struggle, still talk to each other.

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