7 Rational Tips To Be Mental Healthy While Studying: Examples of Famous People

When your mind is in a good place, it’s easier to focus and absorb all the information they throw at you in class. It’s like mental health can strengthen your brain muscles and help you do better in school. What’s more, having good mental health means you can better process your emotions and understand the feelings of others. This can help you get along with friends, teachers, and even family.

Let’s face it, school is stressful – tests, grades, homework, everything. Good mental health can make it easier for you to cope with stress instead of being overwhelmed by it. However, you should also seek help when you need it. For example, if you have a complex paper, check out its examples. You can find, say, Student model composition or any other type of online research paper. An expert essay can help take the load off your students’ shoulders.

organizational learning

It is very important to take control of your studies and not let it affect your mental health. Here are some tips:

plan well

Create a study plan that works for you. But remember, it’s not just about studying as much time as possible. Make sure to include rest, fun activities and getting enough sleep in your plan.


Multitasking can be a real brain teaser. Instead, focus on one task or topic at a time. It’s easier, gives you peace of mind, and actually helps you get more done.

stay active

Exercise isn’t just good for your body, it’s also good for your mind. It can help reduce stress and improve concentration. So get moving – dance, jog, do yoga, anything that gets you moving!

take a break

Every now and then your brain needs a breather. Therefore, take regular short breaks during your studies. A brisk walk, some stretching, or even a short cat video can do the trick.

don’t skip meals

Food is fuel for the brain.don’t skip meals and try eat healthy. And stay hydrated!

Request for help

If you find something difficult to understand, don’t be nervous. Ask your teachers, classmates, or look for resources online.

remain optimistic

Remember, rest days are okay. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t always have everything on hand. Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small, and stay positive.

Finally, always make time for the things you enjoy doing outside of your studies. Hang out with friends, pursue a hobby, or just relax. Balancing work and play is key to keeping your mental health in check.

example celebrity

Here are a few celebrities who juggled their degrees and still kept their cool.

Emma Watson

You know her as Hermione from Harry Potter, right? She studied as hard as her character, earning a degree in English Literature from Brown University. All while balancing her acting gig with supporting mental health.

Natalie Portman

Not only an Oscar queen, but also a Harvard graduate! She studied psychology and speaks openly about the importance of mental health. I guess she knows the value of keeping her brain muscles healthy.

john legend

This guy has an angelic voice and a degree to match. He studied English at the University of Pennsylvania, with an emphasis on African American literature, while balancing his budding music career.

Mayim Bairik

You may know her as Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, but in real life, she’s an orthodox neuroscientist. She has a Ph.D. from UCLA while maintaining her acting career. Talk about brains and talent!

brian may

This rock star is a veritable stargazer. Lead guitarist for Queen, he went back to finish his Ph.D. PhD in Astrophysics from Imperial College London. He balances his love of music and space without skipping a beat.


The action star has more than just killer skills. He holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney. He proves you can be an intellectual and still kick ass.

Rowan Atkinson

Atkinson, best known for playing Mr. Bean, also holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Queen’s College, Oxford. With a mix of comedy and circuit, he shows that you can have different interests and still keep your mental health in check.

How Teachers Grade Celebrities’ College Essays

Dissertation grades for eminent students should ideally be based on the quality of work they submit, just like other students. However, there are many factors that can come into play with this question:

Let’s break it down.

fairness and equality

Teachers are professionals. Therefore, their job is to be fair and just. Whether a student is famous or not should not affect the grading process. The focus should be on the quality of the work.

public pressure

Some teachers may feel a certain amount of pressure when grading the work of famous students. But it’s important that they don’t let this affect their rating. Teachers’ comments on students’ compositions must be objective.

academic integrity

This is all about maintaining academic integrity. Distinguished students need to learn, grow and earn grades just like any other student.

So whether it’s Emma Watson’s literary dissertation or Brian May’s astrophysics dissertation, their work should be evaluated on its merits, not on the author’s fame.

final thoughts

So, we’ve got a look at how some very famous people balance reading with keeping a cool head. From Emma Watson to Brian May, they show us how to find the sweet spot between work and play.

Remember, it’s important to adapt to your own needs. If things feel like too much, reach out for help. There are no trophies for going it alone, so chat with a partner, family member or mental health professional if needed.

Everyone’s journey is different, which is cool. Your learning path may look different than that of Natalie Portman or Dolph Lundgren, but that’s totally okay. The point is, you can break down your learning goals while taking control of your mental health.

So, go ahead and dig into these books, but don’t forget to get out and get some air. Laugh, take a break, and enjoy the ride. After all, grades are important, but so is feeling good.

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