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Marriage becomes beautiful when you have the required and appropriate knowledge before entering into it. This is why you need to know these urgent facts before marrying that Ondo lady.

Ondo State is located in the South-western part of Nigeria and people from the place seem to be different from other Yorubas and this is because of their closeness to other states like Edo, Kogi and Bayelsa State.

A lady from Ondo state have both good and bad qualities which you must take note of and they are:

1. Her colour is top priority : most people from Ondo state are fair in complexion and the ladies especially do not joke with their colour and they will do anything to maintain it even until old age. Plan to accommodate buying expensive body creams and other body treatments.

2. She loves Pounded Yam: the major food in Ondo state is pounded yam but the favourite soup to enjoy with it differs according to the different parts of the state. So, Bros, as you are preparing to marry from Ondo, please be ready to eat pounded yam frequently especially for all festivities.

3. Stubbornness is her major character flaw : it is not new that Ondo people are known to be very stubborn, this does not exclude the ladies as they are equally very stubborn and may insist on their own opinions most of the time. Be ready to manage this in your marriage as it won’t start nor end with you.

4. There is a tendency to marry another man : most Ondo ladies don’t end up eventually with one man. They may however not marry another but will have children apart from their first marriage after leaving the man.

5. She is attached to her family: an Ondo lady is a family woman, mostly very attached to not just nuclear but her extended family. This is because they all have a way of coming together even if they are staying far from each other and this includes even those overseas.

6. Her Ondo accent is strong: an Ondo lady especially those brought up in the state will definitely have a very strong Ondo accent that will interfere with her Yoruba speaking and even her English expressions too.

7. She is educated : an Ondo lady loves to be educated and may pursue this even into marriage.

All the five points above may not be same for every Ondo lady, this is why as a man, you should get to know your intended wife well enough to avoid unresolved issues in your marriage.

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