A Complete Guide: All MAPPA STAGE 2023 Announcements

Now that MAPPA STAGE 2023 is officially over, let’s go through the announcements one by one to see what really happened.

Jiu-jitsu battle

A new trailer for season two has dropped, check it out below.

second trailer

The season is scheduled to air on July 6, and time is running out. We got a good look at Toji in this cool trailer, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him animated on screen.

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attack on titan

A key visual was revealed, see below.

final season key visual

The visual depicts a house with a lone bird flying over its top. The official title is Attack on Titan: The Final Season – The Final Chapter, and it is expected to be released this October-December. Exact dates are to be confirmed.

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chainsaw man

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the year, nothing has been revealed about the second season of Saw. Fans around the world (myself included) were disappointed by this news as MAPPA STAGE seemed like the perfect place to announce the new season.

Actors display rare memorabilia, but not much else of note happens. Ah well, let’s go ahead and hope for an announcement soon!

hell heaven

Another very quiet one, no second season announced. Joining the panel discussion were the cast and crew, who talked about their favorite animated scenes and held a quiz to test their knowledge.


The Legend of Vinland

The final trailer for season two has been revealed, check it out below.

final trailer

Episode 20 airs May 22, and that’s exactly what we need to hype. Finally we also see Thorfinn’s new hairstyle.

Make a bonfire in another world with my crazy skills

Nothing groundbreaking here, but we did see Yuma Uchida experiment with goulash with wyvern meat. The rest of the cast and crew tasted his creation after he was done — all in all, the panel was more fun than anything else.

Alice and Theresa’s Red Castle

The film is confirmed to be released on September 15. A visual and a trailer have been released.

second trailer for the movie
key point

Mourning Children: Nagiko and Girls in Tsurumi Black

A behind-the-scenes video of the creative process was released, which you can check out below. The film will be animated by Contrail, a subsidiary of MAPPA, and directed by Sunao Katabuchi, director of In This Corner of the World.

Butchgiri? !

Butchgiri? ! It is the only new animation adaptation of this year’s MAPPA STAGE. The story is described as two friends embarking on a journey facing a power struggle. It’s set to air in 2024, check out the trailer below.

Butchgiri? !

That’s all for this year’s MAPPA STAGE. As far as new season announcements go, it wasn’t the best, but at least we got a few teasers and some key visuals here and there.

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