A Galaxy Next Door Episode 12 Review

The series ends with Ichiro and Shiori heading to an ice rink for a date and a summer fireworks display in the middle of winter.


Cherry helps Shiori choose clothes for a date

I’m so glad we got to meet Shiori and Ichiro Last date of the season. It took Shiori twelve episodes to realize her entire wardrobe was black dresses, but hey, she finally did. Also, the black dress suits her well. She’s gone shopping for clothes before in episode 4/5, but hasn’t actually bought anything until now. small cherry helped her, and to be honest, her love for Ichiro was very evident.

ice skating date

Screenshot 23.17.43 June 24, 2023
couple go ice skating

They’re still a little shy around each other, which is understandable, but for the most part, Shiori and Ichiro have gotten used to each other’s company. It was great to watch them skate together on the rink.

Madge’s breakdown

Screenshot 23.20.26 June 24, 2023
Zhenchi misunderstood Fumioung’s words and started crying

This scene is the most emotional scene in the whole series, I just hope they don’t put it in the last episode. It absolutely came out of nowhere, and the way it was executed was genius. So first, Fumio Speak a complete sentence.This immediately surprises the audience, making you react “Wow, he said so much!” without paying too much attention to what he actually said (he said he wanted to play with Shiori instead of town as we have seen). They then capitalize on this shock by making Jin-chi burst into tears immediately after Mun-woong’s harsh remarks, sending the audience into further shock and surprise. Fumio only said this out of consideration for his sister, but he wanted to stay with Shiori so that Shinchi could go to her friend’s house. Zhenzhi misunderstood, thinking that Wenxiong meant that he didn’t want to play with her.The way she just burst into tears, I’m not That It’s easy to be moved, but the way the scene was presented really thrilled me. Ichiro rushes in to calm her down, Shiori doesn’t know what to do, omg this scene is so good. Rarely do I get scared by an anime scene and put my hands over my mouth, but this one moved me. We’ve seen in these twelve episodes how much Marge adores her brother, so this scene is a gut-wrenching one.

Thoughts on this anime

Screenshot 23.31.39 June 24, 2023
The final scene stars Ichiro, Shiori, Machi and Fumio.

This anime is super nice! Really relaxed, laid back, nothing too dramatic going on (until the scene detailed above), perfect for when you want to watch something chill. Let’s look forward to the second season! Please keep supporting us on LAN for the best news, reviews, recaps and more! Take care guys.

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