A Galaxy Next Door Episode 3 Review

In this episode, Shiori confesses to Ichiro!

settle down

Screenshot 2023 04 22 on 21.32.17
Shiori gives a present to tired Ichiro

I guess bringing gifts to your neighbors is done when you first move into a share house in Japan! There is nothing like this in my country, what about yours?Ichiro even said it wasn’t necessary, that kind of thing wouldn’t be done in that particular station, but Shiori Determined to perform well and make a good impression.

Teacher Beefcake

Screenshot 2023 04 22 on 22.02.51
Momoka “Beefcake” Morikuni

Good pseudonym! The comic book world is full of funny pseudonyms, but this is definitely one of my favorites, and it’s not even real!So Shiori touches on a certain emotion she feels when Ichiro talks to her Peach, but not entirely sure what it is. In the ensuing episodes, she seems troubled, unable to comprehend this mysterious feeling.

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Shiori’s Confession

Screenshot 2023 04 22 on 22.03.56
Shiori understands what that feeling is

wait, what? Have you confessed? In the third episode ? This blew my mind! Everyone can tell what Shiori’s incomprehensible mood is, but I didn’t expect her to say it so directly! That really sets up the rest of the series pretty well. Assuming it’s going to run twelve or thirteen episodes, Ichiro Plenty of time to decide how he’s going to deal with Shiori’s feelings (after I say this, Shiori will probably take it as a joke in the next episode or something lol).

plot idea

Along with The Cafe Terrace and its Goddesses and Tonikawa Season 2, I personally think this episode is the best so far! The developments in this episode make the rest of the series super exciting! As always, please leave any comments below!

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