Actress Meg Otanwa gushes about working with Veteran Actor, Bimbo Akintola on movie set

The popular saying “dreams come true” isn’t far-fetched for Nollywood actress Meg Ottawa.

Bimbo Akintola, a movie star who grew up admiring her senior colleague, couldn’t believe she was lucky enough to work with her.

Sharing a few snaps from the set of their film, Meg talked about working with the actor for the first time.

She spoke about how she grew up watching all of her films and never hid her love for the actress.

She describes Bimbo as an incredible actor, an all-around stunning human being, the best of the best, and an incredible dramatist.

Meg Otanwa boldly declares Bimbo Akintola her favorite Nigerian actress and her GOAT

“Growing up; we had a simple rule when picking which Nollywood movies to watch; if Bimbo Akintola was in it, we’d watch it no matter what language it was in.

Everyone in my family knows how much I love her. I know she’s an amazing actress, the best. I often imagine being able to act like her.

Getting to work was a full cycle moment for me. Such incredible drama, she’s an all-around stunning person.

If you want to know who my favorite Nigerian actress is, it is BIMBO AKINTOLA. She is GOAT Love you loads big sis @bimboakintola.

Oh my kids are happy too @mrmacaroni1 @femijacobs”.

Meg Otanwa isn’t the only actress to announce Bimbo Akintola as her mentor.

You are my mentor’ – Iyabo Ojo raves about Bimbo Akintola

Recall that when celebrating Bimbo Akintola’s 50th birthday in 2020, Iyabo Ojo crowned “her” mentor.

According to the then 42-year-old, Bimbo Akintola was her mentor and role model. However, she prayed for more happiness, success, health and wishes for the officiant.

Read everything she had to say below;

” Happy birthday to my great mentor, role model, boss, big sister and friend, you are always relevant, happiness, success, health and more wealth will never leave you 😘🤩😍😍 Thank you, sister, I am forever Grateful 😘 @bimboakintola”.

Why I don’t jump from movie to movie – Meg Otanwa

In other news, Meg Otanwa revealed in a chat with Sun News why she’s been so picky about the films she stars in despite the fierce competition in the industry.

Otanwa, who was born in Benue state, said: “I like to write stories that resonate with me. It’s perfectly fine to write stories just for entertainment. But as a human being, I do things that are important to me and I feel there is A story of impact. I feel like I have this gift for a reason, so I enjoy using it.

It makes me picky about the types of films I make. For some actors, they want to be seen everywhere, I don’t care to be seen everywhere. I want to be able to fully believe in my drive, to be a part of the project, to give my all. Visibility is not a reason for me to make any movies. Visibility is no reason for me to make a film. In Africa, we are so fortunate, but we are also plagued by situations that need to be clarified. I like to use my talents to talk about important things. I want to go to bed because my work affects my life. “

Explaining how she copes with finances without being in every movie, Otanwa says: “I’m financially smart; Won’t be in every movie, so I get paid decently.

“I also have my own business. I have a food company called ‘Belle Busstop.’ As you know, if you’re not jumping from movie to movie, you need to have another source of income.”

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