Actress Regina Chukwu emotional as her housewarming party date clashes with her husband’s 20th remembrance

Nollywood actress Regina Chukwu has been emotional after realizing her housewarming date coincided with her husband’s anniversary.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, the mother-of-two recounted how she put off parties several times until she was able to choose a date with the help of colleagues Kemi Korede and Folorunsho Adeola.

Little did she know that the day she chose happened to be her husband’s twentieth anniversary.

According to her, she was unaware of the dating conflict until her youngest brother called her attention to it.

She revealed that her sister called from the UK asking if she knew that the date of her engagement coincided with her husband’s 20th anniversary.

Regina said she almost argued with her sister about it until she realized it and was in awe of how God works.

she wrote,

“Happy new week my love.

So my party is only 7 days (mudgy, mushy cameo). A lot has happened in this short period of time and I have had to learn and forget a lot of things and people in general, but believe me, this is not the time to discuss all of that.

The reason my emotions are all over the place right now.

We had to push the date back from March 22nd to May 1st because of the election and everything going on in the country, but the most surprising part was the date we finally settled on (unknowingly a Very important date) my life) so when the date needed to be changed @folorunshoadeola quickly rushed to my end and I also called @iamkemikorede we made a hasty decision on May 1 considering we also want Ramadan fasting to end and Done but I didn’t then I didn’t realize that the day we chose was the anniversary of my late husband’s death… I didn’t realize until my youngest sibling happened to live with me when the sad event happened When he called from the UK and asked me if I knew the date I gave them happened to be my husband’s 20th wedding anniversary, I was almost arguing until I started doing calculus and I was like “Oh my god! What’s the way you do it Your business is God”.

Regina Chukwu gets emotional as her housewarming party date clashes with her husband's 20th anniversary

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