Adewale Adeyemo Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Illness, Net Worth

Prince Actor Adewale Adyemo Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Cause of Death, Net Worth – Prince Adewale Adeyemo is a Nigerian actor and filmmaker. He gained popularity for his appearance in several Yoruba films. Prince Adewale Adeyemo was born in Osun State.

Adéwalé Adeyemo Cause of Death

The veteran actor, Prince Adewale Adeyemo, suffered severe damage to his lungs, liver and kidneys, according to online reports.

With donations from well-wishers at home and abroad, the actor gradually recovered.

At first, he thought it was an ulcer until in 2020 he had a severe attack and was rushed to a nearby general hospital. After a series of tests, he was diagnosed with lung, liver and kidney damage.

He was being treated at the private Godpromise Hospital at Oluke Odo Aremu bus station in Iyoko, Ogun State.

After he was released from hospital, he appealed for funds to be able to pay for the daily medication he needs to keep him alive. It is unclear whether he received the funds.

Based on this information, it is clear that Adewale Adeyemo’s cause of death was kidney, liver and lung disease.

Adewale Adyemo Biography

Prince Adewale Adeyemo (also known as Ademola Adeyemo), a Nigerian actor known for his roles in several films, passed away on Monday, May 22, 2023.

Adéwalé Adeyemo

Adewale Adyemo Age

Adewale Adyemo’s age is not readily available. Born in Osun state, the Yoruba actor passed away on the early morning of Monday, May 22, 2023 after a fierce battle with the disease.

Adéwal Adeyemo’s career

Over the years, the veteran actor rose to fame after appearing in several Yoruba-language films.

Adewale Adyemo wife and children

Information about Adewale Adeyemo’s current wife is not yet known. He was married before, but his wife left him because she spent too much time on film sets.

In an interview, the actor revealed that he lost his twin children and even got into an argument with his family due to spending too much time on set.

He said: “I went to a movie location in Lagos state and there was a guy called Apereijangbon, we were on his movie set and there was no bus going to and from Meran Road and no mobile phone to reach me. I was At work, earning only 40 Naira a day, I live in Berliet Ilasa, and before I go home, a lot of things happen. I get home around 6pm and the house is empty. I learn that my wife and My mother and now late sister were in Ijora. So, I was forced to check them out and upon reaching Ijora, I found my daughter Taiwo dead.”

“The next day, I had to go back to the site to finish the work, so I stayed on site for another five days, and when I got home, the second child, Kehinde, had quit. That’s when my sister changed everything for me ,Because she didn’t understand the work I was doing, she quarreled with me angrily and advised me not to act or find another job.This is what influenced her to find me a night shift job which I refused to do. I then moved to the Apapa Terminal in Lagos to learn clearing and transshipment. Over time, before God opened the door for me, I gave up the job again and went back to the front line of the theater completely,” he said

Adewale Adyemo Net Worth

There is no information about the net worth of the late actor Adewale Adeyemo.

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