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A woman has gotten the shock of her life after the result of a DNA test disclosed that her husband of 17 years is her cousin.

Celina Quinones and her attractive husband Joseph had been married for almost a decade when they decided to take an ancestral DNA test.

DNA news has crushed an American lady. When they found they were blood relatives, the couple was also doting parents to three children.

“Married my husband in 2006. Not thinking anything of it, we had three kids. Come to find out, we were related and cousins. I did my DNA test in 2016, and yeah, it was devastating because I was like, ‘Babe, we’re related. Are we even supposed to be together?”

“This is weird’. It freaked me out. I wouldn’t change it for the world… Cousband and wife for life! There is a reason good couples look alike. I am just over here raising awareness. He is still and will be my everything. I ain’t gonna let a little bit of blood destroy what we created, this beautiful family,” she said, as reported by Daily Mail.

When the American woman realized they were more than just a relationship, she characterized the experience as “devastating.” Regardless of the outcome, she was adamant that their love for one other was stronger, and that they would not be separated.

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