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American ultrarunner Jamie Aarons was born and raised in California, USA.


Name: Jamie Ahrens
age: 43 years
wife: andy
date of birth: in 1980
Country of Citizenship: American
net worth: $

Jamie Ahrens Biography

Jamie Aarons spent a lot of time competing in chlorinated swimming before moving to Scotland in 2005, where he reportedly lived for a year or two.

Before relocating, she ran her first marathon in New York. She’s happy with the task and has crossed it off her wish list, but she doesn’t anticipate doing any more running in the future.

However, since moving to Scotland, Jamie has taken to trail running, mountain biking, kayaking and free roaming.

She often joins her rescue dogs “Pirate” and “Hope” (collectively “The Fluffs”) in numerous activities on the nearby hills, lakes and trails. She usually does these activities with her partner Andy.

Jamie Ahrens Nationality

Aarons was born and raised in California, USA. She is American.

jamie aarons age

Aarons was born in 1980, so she is currently 43 years old.

Jamie Ahrens Height and Weight

We have no information on Ahrens’ body measurements.

Jamie Aarons family and siblings

As of the time of filing this report, we do not have details about Aarons’ parents and siblings.

Jamie Ahrens Education

We have no information on Aarons’ educational background.

Jamie Ahrens acting career

Jamie Aarons has set a new time record for climbing all of Scotland’s mountains above 3,000ft (914m).

She completed the challenge in 31 days, 10 hours and 27 minutes, breaking the previous record of more than 12 hours.

The 282 peaks that meet the criteria are collectively known as the Munros. Aarons completed the challenge of climbing 459,000 feet, or 16 summits of Everest.

Between each Munro, she runs, bikes and kayaks, walking a total of about 932 miles (1,500 kilometers) and biking about the same distance.

Aarons is originally from California but moved to Scotland in 2005 to work as a social work consultant to the Scottish Government.

She started the work at Benmore, Isle of Mull, on 26 May and finished at Ben Kerrybreck, Sutherland, Scottish Highlands, at 16:57 BST on 31 May.

Former Marine Donny Campbell of the Isle of Skye previously held the self-propelled Munro Challenge record. It took him 31 days, 23 hours and 2 minutes to complete the task.

The previous fastest female record was set in 2017 by Libby Kerr and Lisa Trollope, who completed the challenge in a combined 76 days and 10 hours. Ahrens’ time was also less than half of that record.

She has already climbed All Munrose twice, once with her partner Andy Taylor and once with Mr Taylor, the couple’s two dogs and their gear.

As well as breaking the record, Aarons also raised £14,000 for World Cycling Relief, a charity that provides bicycles to children in underdeveloped countries so they can travel more easily and have better access to schools, markets and medical facilities.

“My journey will take me across the length and breadth of Scotland, across seas and lochs, from remote glens to the highest points in England; more miles of moors to cross than I can imagine,” she said at the start of the marathon.

Donating to a worthy cause will “motivate me through the tough miles,” she continued.

jamie irons husband

According to reports, Aarons’ husband is a man named Andy.

jamie aarons children

We have no details about Aaron’s children.

Jamie Ahrens net worth

As of the filing of this report, Aarons’ net worth has not been specified on the internet.

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