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Jim Belushi is an American actor. According to Jim, he is best known for the role of Jim on the sitcom. His other television roles include the NBC sketch comedy shows “Saturday Night Live” and “Twin Peaks.”


Name: James Adam Belushi
age: 69 years
wife: Sandra Davenport (b. 1980; c. 1988)​
Marjorie Bransfield​ (m. 1990; div. 1992)​
Jennifer Sloan (m. 1998)
date of birth: June 15, 1954
Country of Citizenship: American
net worth: $50 million

Jim Belushi Biography

James Adam Belushi, known in the industry as Jim Belushi, first opened his eyes on June 15, 1954 in Wheaton, Illinois, USA. His father, Adam Anastos Belush, is Albanian, and his father, Agnes Demetri Belushi, is also Albanian but was born in Ohio, USA state. He grew up in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton with his three siblings: older brother John, older sister Marianne and younger brother Billy.

After graduating from Wheaton Central High School in 1972, Jim Belushi attended the College of DuPage and graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Drama.

Jim Belushi Age, Height and Weight

Jim Belushi was born on June 15, 1954 and will be 69 years old in 2023. He is 5ft 11in tall and weighs around 90kg.

Nationality and Race of Jim Belushi

Jim Belushi holds dual citizenship. He is American and Albanian. His ethnicity is unknown.

Jim Belushi’s career

What is Jim Belushi’s occupation? Jim Belushi is a master of multiple specialties. He is a comedian, singer, film producer, screenwriter, voice actor, spokesperson, film actor, television producer, film score composer and television director. Jim Belushi has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, appearing in more than 150 films and television shows.

He is best known for roles on “Saturday Night Live” (1983-1985), “What Jim Says” (2001-2009), “Trading Places” (1983), “Last Night’s Thing” (1986), “K- 9” (1989) and “Curly Sue” (1991). Most recently, he’s known for his role on the sitcom What Jim Says.

From 1977 to 1980, Belushi, like his older brother John Belushi, worked with the Chicago theater company The Second City. During this time, Belushi made his television debut in 1978’s “Who’s Watching the Kids” and had a small role in Brian De Palma’s “The Fury.” His first major role was in Michael Mann’s Thief (1981).

After the death of his brother John, he appeared on Saturday Night Live from 1983 to 1985; his roles included “Hello, Trudy!” Hank Rippy in “The Man on the Street Jesse Donnelly” and “The White Man.” Belushi also appeared in the movie “Swapping Places,” playing a drunk in a gorilla suit at a New Year’s Eve party.

He guest-starred in the third season of Fairy Tale Theater’s episode “Pinocchio,” starring Paul Reubens as the puppet of the same name. Belushi is known for his supporting roles in “The Man in the One Red Shoe” (1985), “About Last Night…”, “El Salvador” and “Little Shop of Horrors” (as Patrick Martin) (all 1986) fame, which opened up opportunities for starring roles.

His credits include Real Men, Principal, Red Hot, Homer and Eddie, K-9, Abraxas, Guardians of the Universe, Dimenti Ca Palermo, Taking Care of Business, Mister Destiny, Only the Lonely, Curly Sue, Once, Crime, Wild Palms, Race With the Sun, Jingle All the Way , Living Apart, Backtracking, Gang Related, Angel Dance and Joe Somebody (2001).

Belushi was married three times. On May 17, 1980, he married Sandra Davenport, who gave birth to their son, Robert James, on October 23, 1980. Belushi and Davenport divorced in 1988. Belushi was married to actress Marjorie Bransfield from 1990 to 1992. He married Jennifer Sloan on May 2, 1998; the couple has a daughter and a son. On March 5, 2018, Jennifer Sloan filed for divorce from Belushi. The two have since reconciled.

What happened in the last episode of ‘Jim Says’?

The final episode of “Jim Says” was themed “Heaven and Hell” and ended with Jim choking on food and eventually passing out. He finds himself on trial in heaven, with Andy representing the defense and Dana representing the devil. Now is the time for God and the devil to decide his fate, whether he will spend his life in heaven or hell after death.

Does Belushi have a twin brother?

Jim Belushi does not have a twin brother. However, he has two older brothers, John Belushi and Billy Belushi.

jim belushi wife

Who is Jim Belushi Married to? Jim Belushi is currently married to Jennifer Sloan. But despite this, he has been married three times. He was married to Sandra Davenport from 1980 to 1988. He was later married to Marjorie Bransfield from 1990 to 1992. His third marriage was to Jennifer Sloan, whom he tied the knot in 1998. Jim and Jennifer are still together to this day.

jim belushi kids

Does Jim Belushi Have Kids? Jim Belushi has three children. They are Robert Belushi, Jamison Beth Belushi and Jared James Belushi.

How Does Jim Belushi Make Money?

Jim Belushi has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, appearing in more than 150 films and television shows. He is best known for roles on “Saturday Night Live” (1983-1985), “What Jim Says” (2001-2009), “Trading Places” (1983), “Last Night’s Thing” (1986), “K- 9” (1989) and “Curly Sue” (1991).

Jim Belushi net worth

The star actor, singer and television producer is worth an estimated $50 million. His main sources of income are acting, TV dramas and TV productions.

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