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Ayob Khan (Deputy Inspector-General of Police) Biography: Age, Parents, Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth – Ayob Khan was in the news as he was appointed as Malaysia’s new Deputy Attorney General (IGP).


Name: ayob khan
age: 57 years
wife: unknown
date of birth: 1966
Country of Citizenship: malaysian
net worth: $-

Biography of Ayob Khan

Datuk Ayub Khan Madin Pichai was recently appointed as the new Inspector-General of Police, succeeding Tan Sri Razaruddin Hussain who previously held the country’s top police post. His official term as Deputy Commissioner of Police began on Friday 23 June.

Ayob Khan age

As of 2023, he will be 57 years old.

Ayob Khan Parents

Details of his parents are not known.

Ayob Khan acting career

His experience in the police force was marked by significant accomplishments and various leadership roles. Prior to assuming his current role, he served as director of the Federal Criminal Investigation Department on April 16. His responsibilities include overseeing and directing criminal investigations at the federal level.

Prior to heading the Federal Criminal Investigation Department, Ayob Khan was the director of the Bukit Aman Narcotics Investigation Department (NCID) at the Royal Malaysian Police Headquarters since January 2022. This role puts him in charge of related investigations into drug and drug-related crime.

In March 2020, he further demonstrated his leadership and expertise when he became Johor State Police Commissioner. During his tenure, he demonstrated a firm approach to fighting crime, earning a reputation for his no-nonsense approach.

One of his notable accomplishments came from serving as the Principal Assistant Director of Special Forces Counterterrorism (E8), a position he held for many years. During that time, he played a vital role in the fight against domestic terrorism carried out by militant groups such as the Islamic State. Through his efforts and the dedication of his team, significant progress has been made in eliminating threats and ensuring national security.

His record of effectively solving crime and terrorism underscores his ability as a leader in law enforcement. As the new Deputy Commissioner of Police, he is poised to bring his wealth of experience, strategic thinking and strong commitment to maintaining law and order to the forefront of the nation’s police force. His appointment marks his continuation of his invaluable contribution to maintaining peace and security in Malaysia.

ayob khan wife

Details about his wife are not yet known.

ayob khan children

Details about his children are not yet known.

Ayob Khan Net Worth

Details about his estimated net worth are not yet known.

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