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Leila is a mother of three children she has (a boy and two girls), all grown up now. She was stepmother to other children by Ned’s other wives, including Regina Daniels.


Name: Leila Charani
age: 32 years old
wife: Ned Novoko
date of birth: January 29, 1991
Country of Citizenship: morocco
net worth: $500,000 – $1 million.

Leila Charani Biography

Laila Charani (born January 29, 1991) is a Moroccan model born and raised in Morocco. She is widely recognized as the ex-wife of prominent Nigerian billionaire Prince Ned Nwoko.

Leila Charani age

Leila Charani is

Early Life of Leila Charani

Leila is from Morocco. She was born and raised in a vibrant and culturally rich environment, surrounded by the warmth and love of her parents. Growing up, she was exposed to the diverse traditions and customs of her home country, which helped shape her outlook on life and values.

During her formative years, Leila attended primary and secondary school in Morocco, where she received a comprehensive education.

After completing her secondary education, Leila was admitted to a prestigious university in Morocco where she pursued her academic interests with passion and dedication.

Leila Charani acting career

Leila is a stunning woman whose charming personality exudes a natural charm that captivates people. She has displayed youthful beauty since she was a child, and her modeling career has provided her with a platform to showcase her striking features and innate elegance.

However, her marriage to prominent Nigerian billionaire Prince Ned Nwoko has thrust her into the spotlight. As the wife of such a celebrity, Leila’s grace and poise only further cemented her status as a social figure.

Leila Charani husband

Leila is a woman of many talents who is the wife of famous Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko. They are happily married and have three beautiful children – a son and two daughters.

Leila Charani net worth

Laila Charani’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 to $1 million.

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