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AJ Odudu Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Height, Parents, Husband, Children, Family, Facts

AJ Odudu is a British TV presenter, radio host and fitness enthusiast.

She was born on 12 February 1988 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England, to Nigerian parents. She grew up in a large family of six siblings and was raised in a strict Catholic home.

AJ Odudu Age

As of March 2023, AJ Odudu will be 35 years old.

  • AJ Odudu Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Height, Parents, Husband, Kids, Family, Facts

    AJ Odudu Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Height, Parents, Husband, Kids, Family, Facts

    March 18, 2023

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AJ Odudu Early Life and Education

After completing his A-levels, Odudu studied at Keele University in Staffordshire, UK, where he obtained a degree in English Language and Literature. While in college, she was active on the student radio station and hosted several shows.

AJ Odudu Height

How tall is AJ Odudu? AJ is believed to be approximately 5ft 7in (173cm).

AJ Odudu Parents

AJ Odudu’s father is known as James and her mother is known as Florence.

AJ Odudu’s career

After graduating, Odudu began her career as a freelance journalist and worked for several local newspapers and radio stations before moving into television programming. She went on to become a popular TV personality in the UK, hosting shows on channels including Channel 5, ITV and MTV.

In 2013, Odudu was chosen as one of the new hosts of the UK pop music channel 4Music. She quickly won over the audience with her dynamic and charismatic acting style. She went on to host several other TV shows, including “Big Brother’s Sideline”, “The Voice” and “Don’t Mess”.


In addition to her television work, Odudu is a successful fitness enthusiast and has competed in multiple marathons and triathlons. She is a certified personal trainer and also created her own fitness program, “AJ’s Squad,” which offers online fitness classes and fitness challenges.

Odudu is also known for her charity work and supports several charities including Cancer Research UK and NSPCC. In 2019, she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the British Red Cross.

Odudu’s career has been known for her energy, passion and dedication to promoting fitness and healthy living. She has become one of the UK’s most popular and well-known TV presenters, and her work has inspired many to pursue their fitness and health goals.

AJ Odudu is a well-known television personality and fitness enthusiast who has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

In September 2021, she took part in the nineteenth season of the hit British TV show Strictly Come Dancing, paired with professional dancer Kay Widlington. The pair got off to a solid start on the show, topping the charts with an impressive 34 points in their first week. They repeated the feat in Week 7 when they scored 39 on Charleston’s song “Don’t Bring Lulu.”

The duo also topped the standings together in the semi-finals, but were unfortunately forced to withdraw on 17 December due to a torn ligament in Odudu’s right ankle.

In addition to her work on Strictly Strict, Odudu recently took on a new role as presenter of Channel 4’s multi-platform event.

The campaign, in partnership with Benenden Health, aims to encourage Brits to be open about their health and discuss topics such as physical health, mental health and menopause.

In an event titled ‘The most embarrassing thing about seeing a GP’, Odudu spoke to John Junior about a chronic condition before taking him to speak to Dr Sarah Hattam at their pop-up clinic.

When not working, Odudu lives in South East London and is a qualified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. She is also an avid runner and enjoys running in her spare time.

AJ Odudu Husband

It is unknown if AJ Odudu is married.

AJ Odudu Kids

As of 2023, AJ Odudu has no children.

AJ Odudu net worth

AJ Odudu’s estimated net worth is approximately £500,000 (approximately $665,000).

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