Alicia Keys Faces Backlash After Denying Controversial Paragliding Post Was Pro-Hamas: ‘She Thinks We’re Fools’

Alicia Keys is facing widespread skepticism after denying that her recent Instagram post about paragliding was pro-Hamas.

On Monday, Alicia Keys posted a photo of herself wearing an outfit that was predominantly green and white — colors of the Hamas flag — with a caption in which she bizarrely expressed a desire to pursue paragliding, which was a mode of attack used by Hamas terrorists during their bloody rampage last week.

The singer has claimed it was all just a coincidence.

“The post I shared was COMPLETELY unrelated in any way to the recent devastating loss of innocent lives,” Keys later wrote on her Instagram stories on Monday, after deleting the original post. “My heart has been breaking …. I pray for and stand for peace.”

Her explanation is striking some prominent commenters as difficult to believe, considering the oddly specific reference to paragliding just days after the attacks.


Some online commenters noted that Keys posted a video of Linda Sarsour — the rabidly anti-Semitic activist — just days earlier.

Key’s manager Guy Oseary defended his client in an Instagram post Monday.

“There was a specific word in her post that our community at this very painful time find very triggering, but it was absolutely not connected in any way,” he said. I spoke to Alicia and she was horrified to learn what the word implied and immediately took it down.”

Key’s husband Swizz Beatz claimed in comment on Oseary’s post that his wife’s reference to paragliding was due to their California home being close to a paragliding school.

“We have a school outside of our home and that’s what she was talking about getting rid of her [fear] of heights . I wish peace and love ,” he wrote.

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