“Am I Actually The Strongest?” Will Release In July 2023

this summer looks like Pack There’s heat — and I’m not talking about the weather. Another anime slated for release in July, the key visual of “Am I the strongest?” has dropped.animation will be created by Studio Staple Entertainment.

Am I really the strongest?


A closed person is reborn in another world with the hope of living in peace. Although he was born in the royal family, his magic power was weak, so his parents abandoned him in the forest and let the monsters devour him. However, his magic is inhumanly strong. What should he do to live the peaceful life he longs for?

pass: Mal

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to throw

Sunny Zephys will be given by Aya Murase

peeling will be given by Crosswood Ayaka

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Charlotte Zamphis will be given by Atsumi Tanezaki

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