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An Eagle Carried Everything – Fish Hawker Tells His People As He Returns Empty-handed » Ngnews247

A boy who peddled fish for his family came back empty-handed, saying he couldn’t sell anything because the eagle carried the fish.

He was asked how he didn’t bring money back because they thought he had sold everything, but he explained that when the fish were plated on his head, an eagle descended from the sky and took them for food.

His interrogators didn’t believe his story, but he defended his case with a straight face, insisting that was the way it was.

Watch the video below:

orji4dad; possible if you think he’s lying let’s meet in court

Edmonds blog; I would definitely say boys don’t use money to play sports bets

Dad ________abel; in case he’s telling the truth. nothing is impossible ooo

trust_martins0; Oh these things are possible.. I was shocked when I saw some unimaginable things caught on camera 😢😢


Jaj 115; if snakes could swallow billions, Veey might

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