Andar Bahar (TV Bet) Playing with a dealer ᐈ Basic attributes + Where to play

Another card game we have in our review. Card games are extremely popular all over the world and can be played anywhere and anytime. You can also play Andar Bahar from TV Bet anywhere and anytime, as the game is adapted for your cell phone (also the game is adapted for tablet and PC). 24betting andar bahar is a dynamic card game that originated in India, now you can experience the casino atmosphere from the comfort of your home, because this is a live casino. This game has been around the world for centuries and now this game is available in the best casinos of the world. Not only can you enjoy the game, but you can also earn! You can bet on different events and combinations in the game – Andar Bahar.

How to play Andar Bahar?

The table is separated into two card heaps – Andar and Bahar. The seller first draws one card independently from these heaps – this card is known as the Joker. Then they draw cards for the Andar and Bahar heaps thusly. The objective of the Andar Bahar game is to accurately foresee which of these two heaps will initially draw a card of a similar worth as the Joker. The vendor will keep on drawing cards until one of the Andar or Bahar gets the triumphant card.

Whether you decide to wager on Andar or Bahar is to a great extent immaterial. By this, we imply that the two sides have an equivalent possibility winning. In any case, the card stack that gets the principal card from the shoe enjoys a slight benefit. Not entirely settled by the underlying Joker card. In the event that the Joker is dark (Clubs or Spades), the principal card goes to Andar. Assuming that it is red (Precious stones or Hearts), the main card goes to Bahar. Be that as it may, all wagers in Andar Bahar by Betgames are made as follows before the Joker card is uncovered. Accordingly, this standard doesn’t influence the chances or your possibilities winning.

What are the additional side bets in Andar Bahar?

Many online Andar Bahar games allow players to make additional side bets. First, you can bet that the first card will be Andar or Bahar, depending on which side you prefer. Here, you would be betting that the first major card matches either position.

Secondly, players can bet on the composition of the first three cards that the dealer deals on the lead. For example, you can bet on a straight flush with a 120: 1 payout, a straight 8: 1 or a flush with a 5: 1 payout.

Last but not least, players can bet on the number of cards needed to match the main card. In some live games with Andar Bahar, players can even bet against the face value of the card the dealer cuts. Whichever side you take, Andar Bahar offers many winning positions.

Andar Bahar payouts and RTP

Depending on the game developer, Andar Bahar may have different RTPs and payouts, although the difference is small. For example, in the Ezugi variant, the payout rate for landing Andar is 0.9: 1, whereas Bahar offers a 1: 1 payout rate. Furthermore, the theoretical RTP for the main bet is a low 94.85%. On the other hand, the side bets are slightly better at 95.97%.

Later, Playtech improved the Ezugi version offering an impressive 97.85% betting on Andar and 97% on Bahar. If you bet on Andar winning first, the RTP is 94.12%, while you get a low 93.18% on Bahar doing the same. The payout rates on the main cards remain unchanged in the two variants.

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