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Anita Brown, the American woman who claims to be pregnant with Nigerian music star Davido, has vowed to take him to court.

She said she would contact a lawyer and start filing to make sure he took responsibility for the meals.

Anita, who was discovered to be an adult film star, said she would not silence herself like other women Davido has dated.

She expressed this in a series of tweets, adding that she would also sue those who defamed her character.

The model reads: “I’ll get a lawyer by Tuesday! period!

It’s about 6 moms with babies, no pay! And struggle! Talk like a dead man! All because they can’t really go to the real judge and get the favor! patch! I am coming!

All this slander of character.I’ll let my lawyer handle everything that tries to destroy my character trust me I’ll let my lawyer get involved

Foreign men take advantage because if they married American women, they wouldn’t cheat as much. Because that’s grounds for divorce and half the property you own! Stop using women.

You guys keep playing me, I’m starting to do these interviews I’m being asked to do! This is my next step! Talk about what a womanizer that man is, impregnating all these different women. Tried to convince everyone to get an abortion and blamed it on his dead child.

IdgAf crap about not having damn fans. I was born for this. I have experienced real things in my life. Not without social media minions, you all think I’m that weak! Ouch! no boo! “

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