AV Opens Up About Finding Shelter and Support from Victor AD During a Difficult Time

Newcomer singer Adindu Victor, commonly known as AV, once revealed that he had squatted at Victor AD’s house before he made a big splash in this industry.

On a recent episode of the All Nighter podcast, the popular “Big Thug Boys” producer talked about his career and struggles.

He explained that while he lives with Victor AD, he’s still in the studio recording with his producer, hoping to hit the big time.

AV said that he hadn’t released his title song for 2020 at that time, so he spent most of his time recording songs and eating at AD’s house.

He explained that he was just waiting for his life to end, so he decided to enjoy it while it was still possible.

“I was living with Victor AD at the time, and I was actually recording. I hadn’t released music then… I hadn’t even released ‘Big Thug Boys.

“I spend most of my time working with my producers, recording music, eating, trying to enjoy life until the end…”

Watch the video below:

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