AYAKA Releases New Visual From Illustrator redjuice

The highly anticipated animated series “Ayaka“, created by the author GoRA and designer red juice, just rolled out stunning new visuals. Crafted by a talented character designer, this artwork shows a male character inside a booth at a traditional Japanese shrine or temple. With its supernatural theme and its creator’s impressive previous work, “AYAKA” has already become a sensation among anime fans.

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Ayaka new visuals for redjuice

Along with the new visual, a voice drama was also released, and the trio had a lively discussion about the changing seasons.

Ayaka voice drama

white studio is bringing the upcoming anime series “AYAKA” to life with skilled direction Yongshan Xinyi, known for his work on “The Happy Sugar Life”. The series features a strong creative team, including an original script by GoRA and character designs by renowned artist redjuice, who worked on Guilty Crown. Kaneko Misakithe talented animation character designer behind “Smile Down the Runway” is also involved.

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Crispy Rolls Describe the series as:

The story follows orphan Yukito Yanagi who one day meets an eccentric pupil of his father. Strangers lead him to his birthplace, Ayakajima, which consists of seven islands and is said to be inhabited by mysterious creatures and dragons called “Mitama”. There, Yukito meets two other disciples of his father, who protect the harmony of Ayakajima… soon to be broken.

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