Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! is Collaborating with Chainsaw Man

The Japanese server is Bangor Dreams! Girl Band Party! Just announced an exciting crossover release today, June 30th. previously worked with “tokyo avengers“, this time the iconic bloody juvenile series”chainsaw man” was introduced into the popular mobile rhythm game.

The limited-time event is scheduled to end on July 10. During the event, players have the opportunity to obtain new character skins inspired by chainsaw mankey figures. There will also be covers of Eve’s “Fight Song” and Vaundy’s “Chainsaw Blood.”This collaboration version also offers daily login rewards as well as special quest missions and live2D co-op outfits, including Pochita.

Exploding Dream Chain 2

It’s worth noting that the event is currently only taking place in Japan. Given the usual pattern of global releases, this synergy will appear globally a few months after the Japanese server run ends.

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