BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!! Episode 2 Review

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Bangor Dreams! This is my GO! ! ! ! On the evening of June 29, 2023, 3 episodes will be broadcast at one time.

Earlier, we were introduced to Anon Chihaya, a freshman at the school. We are shown the school’s budding music-centered culture and follow Anon as he tries to recruit band members.

This episode, we might see Anon figure out the demise of CryChic, the band her classmate Tomori was a part of.


The second episode is titled “I Won’t Invite You Again” and picks up where the previous episode left off, with Taki and Anon going head-to-head in a tense confrontation. Despite Taki’s aggressive attitude, she chooses to walk away, leaving Anon confused and distraught. Soyo, who had been a silent observer of the tense confrontation, approached Anon. She asks Anon if she’s okay, and Anon keeps a brave face, dismissing the incident as inconsequential, and walks away, leaving Soyo alone.

Soyo is checking Anon

The next morning, school took place at the Academy in Soyo. Munedai and Summi walked side by side. Their conversation revolved around missing friend Saki, who never responded. Souyo suggested the idea of ​​visiting Saki’s house directly, a proposal made possible because of the close childhood relationship between Saki and Kazumi. However, Mutsumi seems reluctant, preferring to contact Saki again before visiting directly.

exploding dream it's mygo episode 2 comment 0008 soyo and mitsumi
Sodai and Mimi at school

We cut to Anon entering her classroom and she sees Tomori sitting in her usual isolated seat. Anon greeted casually in the morning, but Tomori remained silent. Undeterred, Anon noticed a penguin-themed Band-Aid on Tomori’s desk, a familiar sight from the previous episode. Anon, not wanting their relationship to deteriorate further, praised the Band-Aid, which made the otherwise reserved Tomori smile. A small interaction is enough to make the surrounding atmosphere active.

Exploding Dreams It's My Episode 2 Review 0007 Anonymous Smile Thorson
Arnold smiles at Tomori

Arnon was seen socializing with a group of her friends after school. They invite Anon to visit “RiNG,” a popular spot known for its bulletin boards where bands look for new members. Given her current predicament in forming a band, Arnon agreed. However, despite her hopeful checks of bulletin boards, she found no guitar/vocalist prospects. That’s when she meets Soyo and the two have a casual conversation where Anon thanks Soyo and makes sure she’s okay after her incident with Taki. Anonymous is in awe of the college Soyo attended (like Mitsumi’s) and bombards her with questions, leading Soyo to suggest they go ahead and have a drink.

exploding dream it's mygo episode 2 comment 0006 soyo
Soyo smiles at Anon

Their destination turned out to be the cafe where Taki works. Although Taki was not immediately present, they sat down and started talking. During the exchange, the girls discovered commonalities as freshmen in high school despite their different schools. Then the conversation turned to bands and music. Surprisingly, Soyo revealed about her past involvement with bands. Anong expressed surprise, he did not expect a student from a prestigious school to have a band history. Their chat is interrupted by live guitar performances by performer Raana, who impresses Anon with her skills.

exploding dream it's mygo episode 2 comment 0005 raana guitar
“Raana”, guitarist

As Anon and Soyo interact with Taki and share their musical experiences, their bond begins to strengthen. Soyo eventually surprised Arnon by offering to join her band as a supporting member. Anon’s excitement was palpable as they exchanged contact details, but Soyo seemed lost in thought as she agreed to Anon’s proposal.

exploding dream it's mygo episode 2 comment 0004 anonymous chihaya glasses
Anon looked at Soyo’s news and was very happy

The next morning, Anon greeted Tomori again, and her classmates noticed that Anon was carrying a guitar. Anonymous told them that she found a bass player to play in the band. Tomori slowly realizes that the bass player might be Soyo, but doesn’t say anything.

Exploding dream it's mygo episode 2 comment 0002 Thorson frowns
Tomori overhears Anon’s band antics

Meanwhile, Saki meets Mimi outside the school. Despite Mimi’s attempts to reconnect, Saki seems reluctant and rejects her. The tension between them was further underscored by the heated exchange between the two at a nearby cafe. Saki tells Mimi not to become a “carrier pigeon” just because of other people’s demands.

Explosion dream it's mygo episode 2 comment 0003 mitsumi
Mitsumi waits for Saki

Back at Taki’s bar, Anon reappears, this time with Soyo. Taki’s apparent displeasure with Anon makes their meeting a bit unpleasant. Despite the uncomfortable atmosphere, Soyo tries to convince Taki to join their band as drummer, but Taki immediately dismisses the idea, and Anon doesn’t like it either. It was during this exchange that Anon learned about the former band “CryChic”, which included Soyo, Taki and Tomori.

exploding dream its mygo episode 2 comment 0001 taki anon and soyo
Anon realizes that Taki and Soyo are a band

This discovery prompted Anon to meet with Tomori to ask about her past involvement with CryChic and if she would be interested in joining the band again. However, as the episode wraps up, Tomori’s response to this query remains unknown, leaving viewers in suspense.

Bang dream it's mygo episode 2 comment 0000 Anonymous and Tomori
Anon talks to Tomori


Another big scene in this episode! Watching Anon jump around on CryChic’s sensibilities is actually quite entertaining. I still hate Soyo’s voice actor, but overall the story is well written! Despite the poor visuals, I really enjoyed this anime.

I hope we see Anon and Taki warming up to each other soon. As much as I love their little rivalry, it’s so cute to see Taki stand up for Anon in front of everyone else! If we see some sort of rivalry with a really toxic competitor, or a band becomes popular and they go to a really weird party and it makes Anon uncomfortable — those types of things happen to high school kids, I’m very Would love to see this dynamic deepen!

I doubt it will go that far, but I can already imagine the characters in these different scenes because they are so well written. Can you imagine Tomori getting nervous going to a new band promotional party? That would be a really good episode!

Anyway, what do you guys think of this episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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