Bartender is Getting a New Anime Airing Next Year

year 2006 youth Drama Anime”bartender” announced that it will be getting another anime adaptation. The news comes alongside the first visuals for the new anime, showing the series’ protagonists as Sasakura Dragon The bartender pours a cocktail from a shaker into a glass.

bartender new anime 1

A new animation that will most likely be released under the title “”Bartender: Kami no Glass” (The Bartender: Glass of God) is a remake of the original. Animated by Liber, airing Spring 2024.

“The Bartender” is adapted from the serial manga ShueishaSuper Jump and Grand Jump magazines published from 2004 to 2012. The story will revolve around a young genius bartender known as “God’s Cup” who works in a bar in the backstreets of Ginza, meeting people of many different situations and lifestyles. first anime adaptation It was produced and broadcast in 2006, and a live-action drama was broadcast in 2011.

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