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BBTitans 2023: Coffee With Khosi Brews Controversy, Big Brother Concerned Over Show’s Success

This week’s coffee guest with the Khosi show is Kanaga Jnr. However, not everyone seems to be happy with the show’s success.

Biggi himself, played by an anonymous voice actor, has expressed concerns about the show’s content, the report said.

It seems that Big Brother is worried that the questions asked by Kosi are too professional and too indebted, and the contestants will not be able to answer them.

These types of questions are usually reserved for the exit interviews that contestants conduct when they exit the show.

Despite the controversy, Coffee with Khosi was popular among fans, who relished the opportunity to get to know the contestants better.

Khosi’s unique interview style was praised by viewers and Big Brother alumni, who called the show fresh and honest.

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