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The reunion has only just begun, but a raging fire has already ignited between Bella and Kiki. As expected, the reunion was filled with drama and shadows, but fans didn’t expect the drama to open with these two ladies.

Bella and Kiki were not friends inside the house, and they kept that distance outside the house, too. Gossip and hateful comments in the house are usually revealed to all roommates when they come out to review their stay on the show.

Bella must have seen firsthand how her relationship became a source of ridicule, with Kiki even agreeing to laugh at her when it turned into an epic failure. However, the boat did not go as planned.

BBNaija Shella has a steady relationship while Deji becomes an epic the first episode Chi Chi tries to expose Deji’s cunning nature And how he maintains a dual personality, Bella burst out laughing during her speech.

Considering what Chichi said earlier, this could be seen as an act of revenge, but laughing while others are trying to express their pain seems like an act of emotional abuse. The laughter could have been private.

The scene sparked a back-and-forth argument between the two fanbases. If Bella didn’t laugh when Chichi talked about her trauma, then there’s no need for insults.

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