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BBNaija Party Day 7: During the reunion show, Bella surprised viewers with her behavior and reaction to Sheggz. When the show’s focus turned to her and Sheggz, she seemed unresponsive to the adorable moment that was unfolding.

Fans expected more excitement or performance, and she didn’t have that, prompting curiosity about her state of mind during that reunion. A clip was played showing a compilation of some of their intimate moments.

The other roommates were delighted with the love shown, especially since these two were the last couple standing, and in the clip, it’s clear that Bella isn’t happy. There is no smile, and the expression is a little stiff.

Huishen noticed this and asked what was wrong. This is her moment of disappointment with herself and Sheggz. According to her, she is a good girl who was raised by her family. She and Sheggz did things in public that she shouldn’t have done.

That’s why she didn’t laugh, and she even said that if she could do it all over again, she wouldn’t because it’s like she gave up her home training because of a man. It was clear from her words that love was not for her. She expressed her love for Sheggz, but also expressed her dissatisfaction with the compiled PDA.

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