Bestchange, 16 Years of Excellence

Cryptocurrencies have won the love of many people around the world as an investment vehicle and a financial option. The question remains where people can buy or redeem new gold in a safe and convenient manner. Today, we will talk about one of the giants in the market, company, and the story and current operations behind the simplified process of buying cryptocurrencies.

the company’s website,, is a directory of vetted money changers where people can easily trade between cryptocurrencies, e-currencies (Advanced Cash, PayPal, Perfect Money) and fiat currencies (Euros, Dollars, Turkish Lira and more). First, it is necessary to clarify what an exchanger is. Cryptocurrency exchangers are online and offline platforms where buying cryptocurrencies is ultimately very simple. While some exchanges have KYC procedures, most exchanges trade without user verification, which is an added bonus. However, if you go to a search engine looking for a money changer, you will be presented with countless results and run the risk of encountering a fraudulent money changer. To help with this, there is Switch Monitor – a directory that lists only those switches that have undergone strict due diligence. One of the largest and largest of these is BestChange, where users can not only confidently rely on the monitor’s choice of partners, but also compare rates among them and find the best one.

Speaking of its age, BestChange is older than all cryptocurrencies. The monitor was launched 16 years ago, on June 19, 2007, by a 19-year-old developer. The prodigy also started his business as a money changer. However, during the market analysis, the CEO of the monitoring company discovered a bottleneck—at that time, a large number of fraudulent money changers already existed. This discovery prompted the developers to create a website with a curated selection of reliable money changers where users can find the best exchange rates. He found inspiration in a very young currency comparison service, he quickly created a better version of such a service, and it’s still going strong. Over time, the previous market leaders disappeared, and BesChange became the most popular among the existing projects due to the convenience of the service and proper marketing.

As for convenience, the user-friendliness of this project is excellent. Users who want to exchange cryptocurrencies simply select the source and target currencies (GIVE and GET such as Visa/MasterCard USD and Bitcoin (BTC)) in the left column. They will immediately see a list of trusted exchangers with the best prices at the top.

There are many handy features that further assist the user. Each exchange in the list is marked next to its name indicating whether KYC is required, whether the exchange is manual or automatic, etc. Users can check the profile of the chosen exchanger to see its launch date and rating, and see reviews written by real customers. There is a calculator function that you can use to find out the exact amount you will receive. You can switch the exchange direction to the opposite and save the currency pair in the “Popular” tab. To make an exchange, a user simply visits the exchanger’s website.

There is a wide variety of currencies; there are lots of rare coins.Once selected, you can find where you can exchange your cryptocurrency for cash currency pairing and the city you need to make the swap. Geography is constantly expanding.

The BestChange directory also offers attractive affiliate programs and Bitcoin faucets. It’s important to note that the site has absolutely no ads.

For traders with more than 200 and growing traders, the platform conducts thorough due diligence to ensure that only reliable and trustworthy traders can enter the trading platform.

The platform conducts its own due diligence on the reliability of the exchanges to ensure maximum safety for users. is the leader in this field, attracting 70% of all monitor users. However, it competes not only with other monitors, but also with sites that help with the same needs: exchanges, p2p platforms, Telegram bots. All of these platforms have advantages and disadvantages. BestChange stands out because they offer the most balanced solution from the point of view of security, profitability, speed and simplicity of trading.

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