Biden’s Popularity Slips to Lowest Level of Presidency

President Joe Biden’s approval rating tanked to the lowest level of his presidency, according to NBC News polling on Sunday.

Biden’s terrible polling numbers represent concerns among voters about his age, foreign policy decisions, and management of the economy.

Only 40 percent of voters approved of Biden, while 57 percent disapproved, marking Biden’s worse approval and disapproval numbers since becoming president.

The president’s approval rating trended downward since January:

  • January: 46 percent
  • April: 43 percent
  • June: 43 percent
  • September: 41 percent
  • November: 40 percent

“[W]hat stands out in the new survey is the shift among voters ages 18 to 34,” the poll found. “In September, 46% of these voters said they approved of Biden’s job performance.”

“Now? Biden’s approval rating dropped to 31% among these voters,” the poll analyzed.

The poll sampled 1,000 voters from November 10-14 with a 3.1 margin of error.

Biden’s popularity according to the NBC poll matched the latest Fox News poll.

Only 40 percent of voters approved of Biden, matching his record low in July 2022, 16 points down from his highest approval rating in June 2021.

Biden’s approval rating fell five points from 45 percent since January:

  • June: 44 percent
  • August: 42 percent
  • October: 41 percent

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