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Big Brother Titans 2023 Week 8 Voting Poll

BBTitans 2023 Online Week 8 Voting and Nomination Results | BBTitans 2023 Week 8 Voting and Nomination Results | BBTitans 2023 Week 8 Voting Poll | BBTitans 2023 Week 8 Voting and Nomination Results

The nominations are in, and the fate of the nominated roommates is now in the hands of the viewers. You can vote for your favorite roommate among the remaining roommates below.

This week’s Week 8 nominations took a new twist, with “Big Brother” introducing an ultimate veto for the House Dean game winner and automatic entry to the grand finals. Ipenleng defeated Blaqboi in the final round of the HoH competition to become the winner of this week’s House Dean competition. Her victory earned her a spot in the finals, which means she won’t be nominated for possible expulsion for the remainder of the season.

After the dorm master game, roommates enter the diary room and each nominate 2 roommates for possible expulsion. Here is how roommates are nominated;

Earlier today, Big Brother broke up the roommate pairing for week 3 of the show. This means roommates will now participate in quests and games individually.
After the dorm long game, the roommates went into the journaling room and paired up to summarize their experiences, as this was the last time they would pair up for a journaling session. There are no nominations this week.

BBTitans 2023 Week 8 Remaining Roommates

Here are the remaining roommates in the Titan’s Big Brother house.

  • Blackboy
  • Blue Eva
  • eboob
  • Iperon
  • justin
  • little kanagawa
  • Kosi
  • miracle action
  • Nana
  • Tabang
  • Chazi
  • Yvonne

BBTitans 2023 Week 8 Poll Results

you can Vote for your favorite roommate eviction below

You can vote up to 100 times, click vote again to continue voting, if you have any questions or discussions, you can also leave a comment below.

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