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BBTitans Week 9 Nomination Results | BBTitans Week 9 Nomination Results 2023 | BBTitans Week 9 Nomination Results 2023

Only the winner of the Week 9 BBTitans House Dean contest can avoid expulsion in this week’s Ziyakhala Wahala season and assistants.

The nomination results for BBTitans 2023 Week 9 are here as all Housemates complete their regular live nominations for Season 1.

The nominations were successfully completed when the roommates went into the dairy room to nominate roommates from the reality show.

BBTitans 2023 Week 9 Nomination Results

The roommate with the fewest votes has a chance to be kicked out of reality this Sunday.

Make sure you vote to save your favorite roommate.

Unlike the HoH, which only nominates roommates for possible eviction, all roommates must now nominate each other for possible eviction.

BBTitans 2023 Week 9 Nomination Results

Here are the roommates nominated for tonight’s Big Brother Titans 2023 live nominations show.

No roommate to nominate
1 Chazi Nana and Lan Aiwa
2 Kosi Kanaga Jnr & Tsatsii
3 Blackboy The Miracle OP and His Bang
4 eboob Miracle OP & Blue Aiva
5 Miracle Kanaga Jnr & Yvonne
6 Iperon Kanaga Jnr and Khosi
7 little kanagawa Cosi and the Miracle OP
8 Yvonne The Miracle OP and His Bang
9 Tabang Kanaga Jnr & Yvonne
10 justin Kosi and Chazi
11 Blue Air Nana and Yvonne
12 Nana Miracle OP & Blue Aiva

BBTitans roommate faces eviction week 9

support expulsion Nomi. Numb.
1 Miracle OP 5
2 little kanagawa 4
3 Blue Eva 3
4 Kosi 3
5 Yvonne 3
6 Nana 2
7 Tabang 2
8 Chazi 2

big brother titans poll of the week

Now comes your long-awaited nominations of the week!

Stay connected for the latest nomination news for the Big Brother Titans 2023 TV show.

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