Big Expenses To Make ‘The Kerla Story’ Took 7.5 Million Rupees On Opening Day, Movie Budget Revealed | Kerala Story Was Made With Big Budget Of 40 Kroner

The movie “Story from Kerala” is currently in the spotlight. The film tells the story of women who convert to Islam and join the terrorist group ISIS. Recently, the film has been controversial. It was finally released yesterday. This movie cost a lot of money to make.

Many political parties and religious groups have called for the film to be banned, claiming that it is untrue that 32,000 women in the film were converted. However, the film received a very positive response on day one. The movie made $7.5 million on its opening day. It has now been revealed how much it cost to make the film, which made Rs 7.5 lakh on the first day.

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The makers of “A Kerala Story” spent a lot of money to make this movie. Not only the production of the film, but the remuneration of the actors is also generous. According to media reports, the production cost of the film was Rs 40 crore. Actress Ada Sharma, who played the leading role in the film, was the top box office hit. She was paid $10 million to appear in the movie. All three of the actresses she played key roles in this film earned her Rs.

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Sudipto Sen directed the film. Audiences had mixed reactions after watching the film. Now everyone is watching how this movie plays out in The Office.

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