Billie Eilish to headline climate awareness concert at Paris’s Eiffel Tower

Billie Eilish, Lenny Kravitz and Jon Batiste hosted a concert at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Thursday aimed at raising people’s perception of climate.


The concert, organized by the non-governmental organization Global Citizen, took place on the sidelines of an international summit launched by President Emmanuel Macron.

Finneas, brother of artists HER and Eilish, also participated in the free show at the Champ de Mars, below the Parisian landmark.

The venue previously hosted a Global Citizen concert in 2021 featuring Elton John and other superstars, as well as parallel concerts in cities around the world.

Eilish, 21, is a seven-time Grammy winner known for her environmental advocacy.

She gave up using a private jet and set up an “eco-village” on her “Happier Than Ever” trip in 2022 to encourage recycling, voter registration and provide information about environmental groups.

Titled “Powering Our Planet: Living in Paris,” Thursday’s concert was aimed at putting pressure on “a new global financial agreement.”

It wants rich countries to follow through on promises to provide climate-related finance to poor countries, reform development banks to focus on the environment and get big polluters to commit to net-zero emissions.

“Crisis are multiplying and the number of people who put their hopes in peace and multilateralism will only increase when we as an international community show that we are willing to help the most vulnerable,” Macron said in a statement.

The stars will perform a series of short films to an audience of approximately 20,000 who have won free lottery tickets.

It will also air online through several websites.

Actresses including Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh will also attend and speak at the event.


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