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Nicola Bulley is a mother who was in the news days after she was reported missing.

Nicola Bulley cause of death

During the inquest into Nicola Bulley’s tragic death, it was determined she had drowned. Investigations revealed that there was no evidence she had suffered any injuries before she fell into the water. The 45-year-old woman went missing from St Michael’s Church in Wyle, Lancashire, in January, and an extensive search has been launched to find her whereabouts.

Tragically, it was more than three weeks before her body was found in the River Wyle, about a mile from where she was last seen. The circumstances of her disappearance and subsequent discovery underscore the devastation of the event. The inquest revealed the cause of her death, stressing there were no signs of murder before she entered the water.

Who is Nicola Buley?

Lancashire Police are investigating the disappearance of Nicola Bulley, 45, a mother-of-two who was last seen walking near the River Wyre in St Michael-upon-Wyre dog time. Despite an extensive search, no trace of her has been found.

Police said their “main working hypothesis” was that she fell into the Wyre River, which appeared to be a tragic accident rather than a suspicious case.

Ms Bulley was last confirmed seeing her at 09:10GMT on January 27 when she was spotted walking her dog at Upper Field. Another dog walker was last seen with her spaniel, Willow, and police were notified about 25 minutes after she was found wandering the street alone.

According to reports, at 9.20am, Ms Bulley’s mobile phone was placed on the bench and connected to a work team meeting, which ended 10 minutes later. Based on this information, detectives believe she disappeared within 10 minutes. The search for Ms Bulley continues.

Nicola Bulley has been missing for a week and his partner says it is difficult to deal with her disappearance and says he is focusing on staying strong for his two daughters. Despite an extensive search, no sign of Ms Bulley has been found and her partner, Paul Ansel, 44, is trying to understand the circumstances of her disappearance.

He said “every situation” led to a dead end, leaving him feeling helpless and stuck in place. To keep himself calm, Mr Ansel focused on caring for their two daughters, six and nine. He also mentioned that he tries not to think about how he is coping and instead focuses on being strong for his family. The search for Ms Bulley continues.

nicholas bully age

She was 45 years old when she died.

Nicola Bulli’s husband and children

Her partner is Paul Ansel and she has two daughters.

How old are Nicola Buli’s kids?

Nicola Buli reportedly has two children, both of whom are women. One of them was nine years old and the other was six years old, but his name has not been released.

Nicola Bulli net worth

Details about her net worth are not yet known.

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