Brady Defends Belichick Amid Rumors of Exit in New England

Tom Brady won a Super Bowl after parting ways with longtime New England head coach Bill Belichick. As for Belichick, things haven’t gone nearly as well.

However, Brady does not think that’s Belichick’s fault.

In an interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Brady was asked whether it was time for Belichick to move on from New England at the end of New England’s very disappointing season.

Brady, instead, put the blame squarely on the players.

“I think he’s an incredible coach,” Brady told SAS. “He’s the best coach, in my belief, in the history of the game.”

Brady continued, “The thought of him not being in New England is hard for me to think about. He prepares the team really well. Ultimately, you got to have a lot of people around you to succeed. You got to have a lot of things in place for the organization to be successful.

“I’m sure he’s preparing the team the same way,” he added. “The results are different. But again, that’s why the sport’s so challenging.”

While Brady stressed he wasn’t taking a shot at current New England quarterback Mac Jones, he did mention Jones among those who can impact the game more than the head coach.

Brady and Belichick won six Super Bowls together in New England and went to nine altogether. Belichick hasn’t made a deep playoff run in three years without Brady, and he is off to a 2-8 start this year. Rumors have recently picked up that Belichick intends to leave New England at the end of the year and take over the Los Angeles Chargers.

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