BTS’ RM Shares Personal Life Updates With Fans On Weverse

BTS’ RM recently opened up to fans about his life and shared some of the things he’s been up to lately.

Acquired by world famous idol weaver We got to say hello to fans all over the world and find out what he thinks, current interests and more.

He shared:

Hi guys.
haven’t seen you for a long time.

Are you OK?

In every detail of life, I am fine.

I am constantly trying to live in the moment.

Recently, I’ve discovered more about who I am.

Sometimes there are so many things I want to say
But it’s easy to forget.

It has been around for 10 years.




No, actually I’m often curious.

Missing, longing, sadness, hope, despair, what do I believe now, what do I want to believe, what do I pursue.

Have you felt the four seasons?

As I’ve said many times, it’s getting harder and harder to keep my mouth open.

I’m confused

I believe I’m learning the value of silence

with age.

There are many sad and happy moments.

There are happy times and there are sad times.

Watching a video of what I said earlier can be embarrassing.

There are things I barely remember, things that have faded, and it leaves me sad, empty and mysterious.

Sometimes I’m confident and sometimes I’m not.

I guess I just want to be like that.

To be honest, I was a little scared of what would happen going and coming back.

Time passes and everything changes.

I have changed too

I don’t want to irresponsibly beg for everyone’s love.

instead of looking for love

If you want to be the embodiment of love,

I believe that love comes naturally.

It’s almost 10 years.

Sadly, it gets harder over time when dust starts to build up on our hearts.

But in a way, I think it’s our inner weight.

It also has to do with how much we share.
Cherish the little things in everyday life,

I remember a part of me.

as usual,

How are you.

Become PP (Past Participle) – * English grammar for forming perfect and passive tenses. RM wants to say, “He’s doing well, he’s doing well, and he’s going to do well.”

You must have struggled many times,

it may hurt, but

But please stay healthy.

I am sometimes and often curious.

i guess my sentences and letters

It’s a way of expressing my love for you

It depends on the time of year.

as I am now.

Watch out for the rain! Also watch out for the flu!

I’ll come back later

when you forget

Get healthy!

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