Cardfight Vanguard Zero Ends Service in June

cardfight vanguard zero end service 2

bushidoof mobile games”Solitaire Battle Vanguard Zero“The English and Japanese servers will end their service on June 30th. The game’s official Twitter account.

The development team actually had more content planned for the game, but unfortunately the update couldn’t be implemented as the game had to be shut down for no clear reason. There’s no confirmation yet about refunds for in-game purchases, but staff are showing their appreciation by posting various perks and bonuses, while also re-posting past content for players as of June 30.

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Cardfight Vanguard Zero is a card battle RPG based on Cardfight Vanguard Franchise. The game allows players to compete online in real time, with rules and abilities the series. The game was released for smartphone users in April 2020, which means the game ran for about 3 years before being shut down for good.

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