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Simon Findlay Crean is a prominent Australian politician and trade unionist who has held key positions in the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and the Australian Government.


Name: Simon Findlay Crean
age: 74 years
wife: unknown
date of birth: February 26, 1949
Country of Citizenship: American
net worth: $2 million

simon kling cause of death

On the unfortunate day of June 25, 2023, Simon Crean passed away while traveling abroad in Germany. The news of his sudden death has rocked the political arena and brought a sense of loss to his family, colleagues and the Australian public.

Adding to the complexity and sadness is the fact that Crean’s unexpected death occurred while he was away from his home country. While the exact circumstances of his death may not be clear, news of his death has reverberated across the country, prompting tributes and reflections on his significant contribution to Australian politics and the labor movement.

simon kling age

He was 74 years old when he died.

Simon Klein career

Crean was active in the trade union movement from an early age, and his dedication and leadership propelled him to important positions. In 1979 he became Secretary General of the Storage Workers and Packers Union, then was elected Vice-President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) in 1981 and then President of the ACTU in 1985. During his tenure, Kling played a vital role in negotiating labor agreements, including the Price and Earnings Agreement, which worked with Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s government on wages and industrial issues.

Crean began his political career in 1990, successfully winning the Hotham seat in the House of Representatives and becoming a member of Congress. Shortly after his election, he joined Hawke’s government as science and technology minister. Over the years he has held a number of ministerial roles in the Hawke, Keating, Rudd and Gillard governments, demonstrating his versatility and expertise in different areas of governance.

Crean’s political career within the Labor Party has landed him an important role. In 1998, following Labor’s election defeat, he succeeded Gareth Evans as Labor’s deputy leader under Kim Beazley. In 2001, after Labor lost again in the opinion polls, Crean was unanimously elected Leader of the Opposition to lead the Australian Labor Party. However, his leadership faced challenges, and although he won the leadership challenge in 2003, continued speculation prompted his resignation later that year. Mark Latham succeeded him as party leader.

Despite resigning from the leadership role, Crean remains an influential figure within the Labor Party. After Labor won the 2007 general election, he returned to cabinet as trade minister. In 2010, Kling backed Julia Gillard’s successful challenge to Rudd’s leadership and retained his cabinet position under Gillard. However, he switched allegiance to Rudd in 2013, leading to his removal from cabinet by Gillard. Crean later ran unsuccessfully for the deputy leadership post. Subsequently, he announced his withdrawal from politics and would no longer participate in the 2013 general election.

Throughout his career, Crean’s contributions to the labor movement, his involvement in key negotiations and his leadership roles exemplified his dedication to the betterment of Australian society. Simon Kling’s political and trade unionist legacy had a lasting impact on the Australian political landscape.

Simon Klein’s personal life

He is survived by a wife and two grown children.

Simon Klein Net Worth

Simon Crean has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 million

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