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New Delhi: King Charles III coronation saturday U.K.The largest ceremonial event in 70 years. It is a ceremony built on an ancient tradition at a time when the British monarchy faced an uncertain future. CamillaAt the age of 75, she was also crowned queen.
Coronation bells were tolled in churches across the country, and cannon salutes rang across land and sea.
Charles automatically succeeded his mother after her death last September. coronation ceremony As a means of formally legitimizing the monarch.
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S.Spectacular displays dating back 1,000 years
This historic and solemn event dates back to the time of its 74-year-old predecessor William the Conqueror in 1066. In front of a congregation of around 100 world leaders and millions of television viewers, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual leader of the Anglican Church of Canterbury, slowly lifted the veil on the 360-year-old cathedral. crown Head of Charles seated on the 14th-century throne at Westminster Abbey.
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said, “No other country has such glitzy parades, glamorous ceremonies, celebrations and street parties.”
Charles’ second oath
At Saturday’s coronation, Charles III took his second oath (the Oath of Accession), saying he was a “faithful Protestant”.
The Archbishop of Canterbury said the Church of England “aims to create an environment where people of all faiths can live freely”, acknowledging the diversity of faiths observed in the UK.enforceable – is a legal requirement, and king Charles, 74, has confirmed his support for the law and the Church of England during his reign.
In addition to church services, which are Christian in nature, there is a deliberate attempt to make the coronation a more religious and diverse ceremony.
Prime Minister Sunak reads the Bible
Saturday Snack made history by becoming the first Indian-born British Prime Minister to recite at his coronation.
A 42-year-old British Hindu leader reflected on the theme of service to others as he read aloud the New Testament letters to the Colossians. This is in line with the modern tradition of British prime ministers reading at state events. He and his wife Akshata Murty lead the standard bearer procession when the senior RAF cadet brings the Union Jack to the Abbey.
Dunk to represent India at coronation
Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar and his wife Dr Sudesh Dhankar represented India at the historic coronation of King Charles at Westminster Abbey on Saturday.
Dunk, who arrived here on Friday, was joined by around 100 heads of state and government from around the world invited to the historic coronation of Britain’s new monarch.
Dunkel mingled with King Charles at a reception shortly after arriving here for his magnificent coronation on Friday.
List of attendees and invitees
British Indian chef Manju Mali has been invited to be one of 450 recipients of the Order of the British Empire (BEM) for his work with the elderly charity. Also invited was her Sourabh Phadke, a graduate of the Prince’s Foundation’s Building Her Craft program and the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts.
Among other young people linked to the invited ex-Prince of Wales charity initiative is the charity’s “Inclusion Programme” in India. When I was completing Canada’s Youth Employment Program, the trust invited me to go to the convent on Saturdays.
As well as guests seated at the Abbey, 400 young people representing charities appointed by the King and Queen Camilla and the British Government watched the service and procession from inside St Margaret’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey. The overall guest list also includes members of parliament, former British prime ministers, representatives of churches and other religions, representatives of the country’s defense sector and Nobel laureates. , Katy Perry, Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson.
Anti-monarchist among arrested UK protesters
British police have been condemned Saturday after arresting key members of the anti-monarchist group The Republic, which was preparing to protest on the route of King Charles III’s coronation procession.
from LondonJust hours before Prince Charles’ coronation, the Metropolitan Police detained six organizers of a pressure group and confiscated hundreds of placards.
A range of royal attire, guest colors and traditions
From traditional robes to striking tiaras, royals and dignitaries donned an array of colorful attire for the coronation of England’s Charles III on Saturday, filling London’s Westminster Abbey with colors and designs. .
The monarch wore the crimson velvet coat of arms, crimson coronation tunic, cream silk coat and Royal Navy trousers worn by his grandfather King George VI at his coronation in 1937.arrive
Camilla wore a national gown made for the late Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation in 1953, over an ivory with silver and gold floral embroidery by British couturier Bruce Oldfield dress. I wear it.
More than 2,000 guests, thousands of soldiers, tens of thousands of onlookers and a handful of protesters gathered inside and outside the abbey as the king and his wife Camilla traveled in a gilded carriage drawn by six horses.
What changes did the coronation bring?
The coronation of Charles III brought about great changes throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Typical examples are national anthems, coins, stamps, mailboxes and passports.
According to reports, the portrait of Prince Charles will appear on British banknotes and postage stamps.
The national anthem of the United Kingdom is either “God Save the Queen” or “God Save the King”, depending on who is in power. So when King Charles III came to the throne, the first three lines of his national anthem would read:
The Bank of England will unveil the design of the King Charles III note on 20 December 2022. The king’s likeness appears on all four of his UK polymer notes. The king’s image is depicted on the obverse of the banknote and on the transparent security window. The Bank of England plans to issue banknotes bearing the king’s likeness by mid-2024. People in the UK can continue to use all polymer banknotes bearing Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait. It will only be withdrawn from circulation if a banknote bearing Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait is in circulation alongside a banknote bearing Charles III’s portrait.
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