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This article is about Hills Granada Coach High School Share an incident with your readers and let them know of a basketball coach who misconducted a minor.

What happened in high school? What did the coach do with the minors? Was the basketball coach arrested?Questions from people all over the country U.S. What about other coaches popping up around the world?

People are keen to know about the events of the High School Minor. Plus, the coach’s arrest was the most talked about thing on many social networking sites.So let’s check all about Hills Granada Coach High School In this article below.



We do not agree with the situation or the people involved; we only share recent events and events. We also have no intention of disrespecting anyone.

What happened at Granada Hills High School?

Officials are investigating a recent incident of a basketball coach performing an illegal act on a minor. They are also looking to see if other students were involved in an alleged indecent act by a basketball coach at a school in Granada Hills.

Gabriel Chavez, 36, of Chatsworth, was the high school basketball coach in the 10500 block of Zelzah Avenue, according to officials. That neighborhood is home to Granada Hills Charter High School.

what charges Hills Granada Coach High School?

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Gabriel was accused of inappropriately interacting with a minor while teaching at a high school. Gabriel is being held on $310,000 bond after being charged with multiple misconduct charges against a minor.

Is the Gabriel investigation ongoing?

Staff from the LAPD’s Devon County Detective Unit and the school are cooperating in the investigation in an effort to locate and contact others who may be Gabriel’s past victims or who may have witnessed him engaging in illegal acts or activities.

Did Law Enforcement Release Photos of Gabriel Chavez?

Law enforcement officials have distributed photos of Gabriel Chavez in the search for more victims or witnesses.

The former high school basketball coach in the circulated picture is currently being detained for molesting a minor. Law enforcement officers urge everyone to check it out. If you have more information, please let me know.

Who to contact for more information about Hills Granada Coach High School case?

You may contact LAPD Devonshire Area Sexual Assault Investigators or Detectives Ruben Arellano and Danielle Tumbleson at 818-832-0609 and share any such information.

Calls made on weekends or outside normal business hours must be sent to 1-877-527-3247. Additionally, confidential tips can be provided by contacting Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Gabriel’s Professional Profile:

In January 2023, Chavez’s stint at the agency ends. He previously worked and volunteered with other youth organizations across the city.

Quick Wiki Hills Granada Coach High School:

  • Real name – Gabriel Chavez
  • Date of Birth – Unknown
  • Age – 36 years old
  • Parents – No information available
  • Marital Status – No information available
  • Siblings – no information available
  • Occupation – Basketball Coach
  • Residential – Chatsworth
  • Job Location – Granada Hills Charter High School
  • School Location – Zelzah Avenue, Block Number – 10500

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in conclusion:

Basketball coach Gabriel Chavez recently charged Misbehavior Engaging in inappropriate activities with minors. Incidents related to the basketball coach are active, and law enforcement officials are investigating various aspects, including whether more students suffered the same injury.

Have you heard of basketball coach inappropriate behavior towards minors? Comment how to avoid such incidents with minors in the box below.

Hills Granada Coach High School: common problem

Q1. Which school is in the news for inappropriate behavior with minors?

Granada Hills Charter High is in the news for a basketball coach’s illegal behavior towards minors.

Q2. Were there other students involved in the shaming of the basketball coach?

Law enforcement officials are investigating whether other students participated in the basketball coach’s humiliation.

Q3. How much is the basketball coach’s bail?

The basketball coach’s bond is set at approximately $310,000.

Q4. Who is investigating the case at Granada Hills High School?

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident at Granada Hills High School.

Q5. How can you contact me online to provide more information about the event?

you can reach When you have any details related to basketball coaching incident.

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