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Texas mall shooting

Nine people, including the suspect, have been killed in a mass shooting at a Dallas-area mall. Shoppers panicked and fled the area to save their lives. The first seven people were pronounced dead at the Allen Premium Outlets. Both were later pronounced dead at the hospital. Three are in critical condition and four are in stable condition, according to an announcement from the Allen Fire Chief. A city police officer restrained the suspected shooter, according to the Allen Police Chief’s report. The suspected shooter’s name has been revealed to be Mauricio Garcia. Original footage shot in Texas It’s been posted and people are watching the video.

incident suspect

Federal officials are investigating the shooting. They are trying to determine whether the suspect has an interest in white supremacist ideology. Because they express a motive for the attack. After reviewing social media accounts, federal agents identified a man named Mauricio Garcia, 33. Garcia’s post was about expressing interest in white supremacists. The post also touches on neo-Nazi views. Garcia also wore a patch on his chest called “RWDS.” The full name of RWDS is Right Wing Death Squad. It’s a buzzword among right-wing extremists and white supremacy groups.

Texas Mall Shooting Reddit

A center has been proposed to help the families of the victims. The center will provide support and assistance in crisis. The center will open in Allen, Texas. Authorities have also pledged to return the vehicles to those who parked them at the Allen Premium Outlets. The Dallas Mavericks are asking people to seek action from lawmakers over the shooting. As much as NBA teams have backed Allen, it wasn’t enough. The NBA regrets its failure to do a good job in preventing mass shootings. The team said they must put words into action. Texas Mall Shooting Wiki Many details of the shooting are also given.

about the survey

As Mauricio Garcia is suspected of causing such an unfortunate incident, federal agents have reviewed his social media accounts. Federal agents also interviewed the suspect’s family. Investigators are also examining financial records and other posts believed to have been made by Garcia.

However, Allen Police Chief declined to answer some questions because the investigation is still ongoing and police do not yet have all the details. The Texas Department of Public Safety suspects Garcia killed eight people. Garcia was also later shot dead by a police officer near a suburban Dallas mall.The police are still investigating the matter Suspect in Texas mall shooting.

people’s reaction

Those mourning the events in Allen expressed their grief in a variety of ways. A hundred people gathered at the Allen Outlet Mall to watch the casualties in the shooting. They gather with candles in protest or to express grief. One of the mourners said they never considered such an event. They look forward to being together. A church in Allen also held a prayer meeting. People pray for the lost souls. They also expressed heartbreak. Following the incident, the vice president urged Congress to strengthen gun safety laws. Texas Mall Shooting Reddit It also attracted international media attention. People are eager to learn more details of such violence.


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The Texas mall shooting has shocked everyone. The families of the victims received support and assistance from the authorities. Everyone else is mourning the incident. learn more, please visit the link

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Q1. Who is the suspect in the incident?

Mauricio Garcia.

Q2. How old is the suspect?


Q3. How many innocent people were killed?


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