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Harry Belafonte, a successful African-American pop artist, has died at his Manhattan home at the age of 96.his dad, Harold George Bellanfanti Sr., is a chef and housekeeper. Harry Belafonte is known primarily as a racist civil rights activist.

Following his death, his fans were looking for Harry Belafonte’s LinkedIn profile. However, his LinkedIn profile is currently unavailable on the Internet.

What was his cause of death?

Harry Belasnfonte spokesman Ken Sunshine said the famous singer died of congestive heart failure. He died at the residence on April 25, 2023, the spokesperson added.

Harry Belafonte Obituary and Funeral!

According to sources, Harry Belafonte family The members did not release any details about his funeral or memorial service. The family wanted to keep Harry’s funeral process a secret. However, following the death of Harry Belafonte, details of Harry’s obituary were shared on social media platforms.

A media outlet called BBC Breaking News shared Harry Belafonte’s obituary. The headline of the post was Harry Belafonte’s ‘The King of Calypso’ dies at 96.

Check out his family & more details!

  • parents- Harold George Bellanfanti Sr. and Melvine Bellanfanti.
  • brothers and sisters- Raymond Wright and Dennis Belafonte.
  • children Shari, David, Adrienne and Gina Belafonte.

A Reddit user also shared the details of Harry Belafonte’s obituary on Reddit. A user captioned the post Harry Belafonte Dead; the singer and actor has died at the age of 96.

Is Harry Belafonte Married?

Harry Belafonte has had several failed marriages, but hasn’t given up on marriage. Harry Belafonte married Marguerite Byrd in 1948 and divorced her in 1957. Harry then married Julie Robinson in 1957 and divorced her in 2004. Finally, he married Pamela Frank in 2008.Few sources say Ellen Holly is Harry Belafonte’s girlfriend also.

Harry Belafonte’s Wiki Details!

The following table will provide Wikipedia details about Harry Belafonte. Interested fans can read the table below for more details.

real name Harold George Bellanfanti Jr.
Profession Actor, singer and activist.
date of birth January 3, 1927.
place of birth Manhattan, New York, USA
wife Name Margaret Byrd, Julie Robinson and Pamela Frank.
marital status Married.
Chinese zodiac Pisces.
age 96 years.

What is his nationality?

  • Country of Citizenship- American.
  • religion- unknown.
  • Race- African American.

Learn more about his career and more!

  • Profession- Harry Belafonte was a famous pop star with many hit records. His best records are “Jamaica Farewell”, “Mary’s Boy”, “Jumping the Line” and “Day-O”.
  • educate- Harry Belafonte attended New School and Walmer Preparatory School.
  • early life- Harry Belafonte was born in the Caribbean Father and Harlem’s mother. He left high school and joined the Navy. Later, learning to act and sing to continue his passion.

Check out Harry Belafonte’s height and more!

  • high- 1.82 meters.
  • weighingt – Unknown.
  • die– April 25, 2023.

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in conclusion

The world mourns the passing of renowned pop artist Harry Belafonte. Many media outlets and celebrities mourned the death of Harry Belafonte.Also, watch the accompanying video clip to clarify Harry Belafonte’s death.

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Harry Belafonte LinkedIn-common problem

Q1. What was Harry Belafonte’s first album?

A. Carmen Jones (original film score).

Q2. Why did Harry Belafonte die?

He died of congestive heart failure.

Q3. What did Harry Belafonte fight for?

A. He is against racism.

Q4. What movement did Harry Belafonte join?

He joined the civil rights movement.

Q5. When did Harry Belafonte join the civil rights movement?

He joined the movement in the 1950s.

Q6. What is Harry Belafonte known for?

He was the first African-American to win an Emmy.

Q7. Was Harry Belafonte an activist?

Yes, Harry Belafonte is known for his activism.

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