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This article was published on Maleeka Bokhari Viral Video All the important details related to the leaked videos of Pakistani politicians will be explained.

Do you know Malikabohari? Have you heard of her viral video? Maleeka Bokhari was the subject of major discussions on social media platforms after a video went viral on the internet.people from worldwide Searching for more details related to viral videos.This post will explain all the important details related to this Maleeka Bokhari Viral VideoSo we recommend all readers to stay in touch until the end of the post.


What’s in Maleeka Bokhari’s viral video?

Maleeka Bokhari is a Pakistani politician. She was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan for the period 2018-2023. Recently, she became popular on the Internet due to a video of an Internet scandal. According to sources, a video was uploaded on the internet a few days ago showing some intimate photos and videos of Malikabohari. The video caused an uproar on social media, with many people commenting online. Tik Tok. After the video was released on the Internet, many rumors and controversies surrounded the Internet.

Disclaimer – We are not personally accusing or targeting anyone with this article. All details in this article are for informational purposes only.

Is Maleeka Bokhari Video Real?

Many people on the internet are wondering if the Maleeka Bokhari video is real or fake. Well, there are many rumors circulating on the Internet about this video. Many people said the video was real, while others said it was fake and fabricated.this video is Going viral on RedditAccording to sources, PTI also tweeted about the viral video on social media and said it was of an Indian model with very similar features to Maleeka Bokhari. They also said the opposition was trying to dehumanize Malika Bohari through fake photos. It can be concluded that the video of Maleeka Bokhari is fake.

How did the public react to the Maleeka Bokhari video?

Maleeka Bokhari is one of the famous politicians of Pakistan. However, she received a lot of hate and criticism due to the leaked video. Many people search for Maleeka on the internet instagram leakage. However, there are also people who understand the situation and support Marica. Many people on the Internet know that Maleka’s video is fake, and the opposition party is also spreading rumors.But there are a lot of misogynistic comments youtube People talk a lot about Maleeka there.

Who is Malika Bockari?

Maleeka Bokhari is a Pakistani politician who served as Parliamentary Secretary from 2018 to 2022. She was also a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly from 2018 to January 2023 and worked for many years under Prime Minister Imran Khan. Marikabohari age It has not been confirmed yet, but reports confirm that she is in her 30s. She works for the Pakistani Justice Movement Party. She completed her studies at the University of Karachi. Apart from this, there are no personal details about Maleeka Bokhari on the social media platform.

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Many people on the internet are talking about Maleeka Bokhari.


final verdict

To conclude this article, Maleeka Bokhari’s video is fake. The video is just a rumor, there is no truth behind the leaked video.please visit this link Find out more about Maleeka Bokhari

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Maleeka Bokhari Viral Video – common problem

Q1. Who is Malika Bockari?

answer: Maleeka Bokhari is a Pakistani politician.

Q2. What happened to Marika Boccari?

answer: The intimate video of Maleeka Bokhari has gone viral on social media platforms.

Q3. Where can we find viral videos?

answer: Maleeka Bokhari’s video has been removed from almost all social media platforms, so it is difficult to find the video on the internet.

Q4. Is Maleeka Bokhari video real?

answer: Some sources said that the video of Maleeka Bokhari was fake and that it was just about telegraph.

Q5. How old is Malika Borcari?

answer: Maleeka Bokhari’s age has not been determined, but some reports put her in her 30s.

Q6. Which political party does Maleeka Bokhari work for?

answer: Maleeka Bokhari works for Pakistan’s Justice Movement party under Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Q7. What was the public reaction to Maleeka Bokhari’s video?

answer: Reactions to the leaked video have been mixed. Some people have realized that the video is fake, while others are still spreading rumors about it.

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