Cheyenna Costello Cause of Death? Mother-of-3 Dies After Waiting for Hours in ER for ‘Easily Treatable Condition






Today, we will talk about the death news of Cheyenna Costello whose death news is running in the trends of the internet and various social media pages. She was the mother of 3 passed away after waiting for hours in the ER for an ‘easily treatable condition’, the lawsuit says. There is an investigation also begun related to her death and this incident. It creates a baffle over the internet and many are showing thier interest to know more about this incident. Let us know every single piece of information about this incident and we will try to cover all the details in this article.Cheyenne Costello passed away recently and was 41 years old at the time of her death. After his death, a case is being registered against Washington Hospital regarding his death and this news is making headlines on news channels. Reportedly, the Miami Herald says she was left to wait in the emergency room lobby for more than four hours despite being “seriously ill” and needing immediate medical attention. Authorities are trying to determine the exact circumstances surrounding this incident. There are several pieces of information left to share, so swipe up this page and continue your reading.Cheyenna Costello Cause of Death?Cheyenna reached the Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett on 2 November 2022, after her husband dialed 911. She was immediately admitted to the Code Yellow Hospital. She was suffering from severe stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Her husband, Sean Costello, filed a complaint in King County Superior Court on October 12. First responders who transported him to the hospital described his condition as “urgent,” the complaint says. He added, that a doctor also noted that she was “seriously ill and at risk of disability and even death, requiring immediate bedside evaluation and intervention.”It was also reported that no one checked her for several hours because she was suffering from pancreatitis. However, there were no seats so she was kept in a wheelchair in the lobby and no one checked on her for hours and she died soon after filing the complaint. Now, the lawsuit accuses the hospital of negligence and seeks to recover general and special damages. It is a case of negligence that led to Cheyenne’s death and is now under investigation. The exact details have not been confirmed and our sources are continuing to gather more details. We will update our article soon. Stay connected with to read more articles.

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