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Former Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 7 roommate Chomzy accused her co-worker Chichi of using her deceased parents as a ploy to gain sympathy from fans on the show.

The reality show made the allegations during a heated altercation with Chichi on Thursday night’s “Day 4,” a Season 7 reunion of Big Brother Naga.

Chomzy complained to host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu that she tried to call Chichi after the show, but she blocked her.

“I tried to call Kiki, but she blocked me,” she lamented.

Huishen asked Qiqi: “Why did you block her?”

Chichi responded, “I blocked Chomzy because I was ashamed of her body, and it wasn’t a problem; that’s what women do when they don’t feel so strongly about themselves.

“But the truth is, she went around telling ridiculous stories about me taking advantage of my late parents, who I didn’t even get a chance to meet, as a ploy. I never said anything bad about Chomzy, even though we didn’t Friends again…”

Chomzi retorted: “No, you did. You did. I saw you trying to convince my friend Bella that I was bad.”

Chichi continued: “I never really wanted to say anything about my late parents, if it weren’t for you guys being so close to me and something happened; I was vulnerable and I told you about it. I even Told you something I’ve never really told anyone.”

Chomzi reasoned: “If you tell me something on reality TV that you don’t tell anyone else, do you just tell me or do you tell the world?”

Kiki replied, “You treat it like a reality show. So, because it’s a reality show, I don’t have feelings? So, it’s fake that you go to a reality show, and you leave your feelings at home? Girl , stop doing this.”

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